Kristen Doute Says She Gets PTSD Watching James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss On Vanderpump Rules; Says They’re Only Together To Be On The Show

Kristen Doute’s storyline on this season of Vanderpump Rules revolves around her complicated dynamic with ex [Brian] Carter. However, he’s not Kristen’s only ex on the show. Remember when Kristen dated James Kennedy? That feels like a whole lifetime ago.

Now, James is dating Raquel Leviss, who he called a “whore” and a “slut” in recent episodes. Yet, she’s still living with him and dating him. In real time, James has been sober for nine months, and apparently, he’s made some major strides. But, we shall see how much he’s changed. In the mean time, their relationship is so tough to watch. And, Kristen shared her thoughts on James and Raquel’s relationship.

During an episode of the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, Heather McDonald asked Kristen, “Is it still not good between you guys?”

Kristen told Heather, “It’s never going to be [good]. Not for me. I just have no interest. I stay as far away from him as possible. If we have to be in settings like this photoshoot, or like related things, I’m just as professional as I can be because I have a job to do. But, otherwise, no.”


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Heather asked, “Watching his exchange with his now-current girlfriend, Raquel, how do you feel about Raquel?”

Kristen claimed, “I mean I’m terrified for her. If he’s acting the way I’ve been watching on Vanderpump Rules and the way that he talks to her, like full PTSD for me. If he’s doing that to her on-camera, I can’t imagine what it’s like behind closed doors. I feel bad for her.”


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Kristen even theorized, “I don’t think they’re in love. I think they use each other for notoriety and to be on the show, to put on this front. I’ve always felt that way.”

Kristen continued, “I still feel that way, but I do feel bad for her because… they do live together. I mean, in real life, they live together. They have a dog together. They’ve been dating for a few years.” She also emphasized, “They’re very young.”


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Heather wondered if James realized that he’s putting a lot on Raquel and changed his ways, but Kristen didn’t give it a second thought. Kristen declared, “He would never. He’s too selfish for that.”


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