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Katie Maloney Explains Why She Declared Kristen Doute Was “Cut” From The Group; Kristen Thinks Katie & Stassi Schroeder Used Her To Go After James Kennedy

During last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder continued to give Kristen Doute a hard time about her strange relationship with Carter. In response, Kristen went below the belt when she made a comment about “Tom Schwartz f*cking around for years” during his relationship with Katie.

That dinner discussion didn’t end at the restaurant though. When the cast got to the club, Katie told Schwartz that Kristen was “cut” from the group and she told him what Kristen said about him cheating on Katie. So many reasons to cringe, all around.

After the episode, Katie tweeted, “Kristen came and sat on Tom’s lap at the strip club right after throwing that shit in my face at dinner. Of course I said she was cut.” Usually, it’s tough to agree with Katie, but she makes total sense with this one. Who does Kristen think she is to go from shitting on Tom Schwartz to sitting on Tom Schwartz?

A fan tweeted, “Kristen is talking about Schwartz fucking around on you as an example so your dumbass can understand that she was there for you when your relationship was in a shitty place, Katie. It’s not apples and oranges. It’s all apples.” And in response, Katie said, “No she said it to be a bitch. I know that move. I invented it. If y’all remember correctly that was season 3. I wasn’t even friends with Kristen then. So she wasn’t ‘there for me’ I also didn’t sand bag my friends with that shit for 2 years either.” The timeline checks out on this one. 


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Another fan asked a question that many Vanderpump Rules fans were thinking, “Are we acting like Schwartz only cheated in season 3? Is that what we’re doing here? Oh, okay.” Katie responded, “Nope. Trust me I should know. But Tom and I put a lot of work into our Marriage. We aren’t perfect. But it’s between us. There’s really no need to drag this shit up that’s all I’m saying.” Well, then. 

The viewers were really out in full force on Twitter last night. Someone else asked Katie, “Why can you forgive Stassi that for OVER 2 years treated you like absolute shit when she was with Patrick [Meagher]. Why the double standard?” Katie replied, “We literally didn’t speak for over a year because of that. This was nearly 5 years ago. We worked through it!”


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Instead of talking shit about Katie, Kristen owned her shit with a tweet of her own: “Bottom line, it was a dick thing of me to say about Tom and Katie’s relationship.” She’s not wrong. This time.
Kristen also joked about Katie telling Schwartz that she was “cut,” tweeting “*what if* Katie was simply complimenting my muscles?” Sure. Katie is all about empowering other women, especially in an inebriated state.
Kristen wrote “100” in response to a fan who tweeted, “Why are they so bothered if you want to have an off and on again relationship with him….I am quite sure most women have experienced it…until they get tired….”
Another person tweeted, “Kristen is being ostracized by Stassi and Katie cause she’s not in a relationship and they used her last season to go after James [Kennedy]. She no longer has a purpose.” In response, Kristen wrote, “I’m extremely purposeful” along with a winking face emoji.
Oh, come on, Kristen. No one “used” you to go after James. Going after James is your favorite pastime and has been for a long time now.
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