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NeNe Leakes Argues With Kandi Burruss For Shading Her In Confessionals On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes was absent for a few episodes this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. But, even when she wasn’t around, she was the main topic of conversation. NeNe brings the drama even when she’s absent.

In contrast, there’s Kandi Burruss, who has zero drama. She’s just busy living her best life and making money. She made one joke wondering who the women were at the leopard print brunch that NeNe hosted, you know the one that she was 2.5 hours late for. They’ve never appeared on the show before, so we were all wondering who they were. Well, NeNe did not find Kandi’s comment humorous and they got into a fight in the comments section on Instagram.

NeNe and Kandi went back in forth with their barbs in the comments on the housewivesofatl Instagram page. Warning, there are a lot of grammar issues in this feud.

In response to post with some shade from NeNe, Kandi commented, “I can’t tell she doesn’t have an issue with me. She been steady talking about me lately and we haven’t had an argument the entire season. What have I said about her other than the joke I made about the ladies at her luncheon not being her real friends???? & I wasn’t the only one on the episode who jokes about it so what’s her real issue? Go ahead and play victim… Nobody cares.”


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NeNe clapped back with “@kandi I heard you were struggling to find drama with someone this season because no one is talking about you. So accept this as a little help. Just call me 911 ok.”

Kandi responded with a laughing emoji and reminded NeNe, “you were struggling to make it in all the episodes. Sounds like you need more than drama… just sayin.”


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NeNe complained, “All you girls sit up n your interviews and talk shit about me season after season. Y’all the victims! Then actually think i shouldn’t have anything to say about it.” NeNe is an original Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member. Shouldn’t she of all people be used to shit talking during confessional interviews? Hell, she does a lot of it herself.

A fan chimed in to say, “NeNe shades EVERYONE in her confessionals so why is she playing victim and starting shit with Kandi.” In response, NeNe claimed, “I don’t even know how to play victim! So I’m victim now, had lap dogs before and talk shit about everybody. make up your mind what u want me to be ok! These girls keep my name in their mouths because it’s the ONLY way anybody will talk about them. I’m that bitch.”


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Maybe these two made up offline. Or maybe NeNe was just being petty because she commented on one of Kandi’s photos, “You so cute I love what you got on #fabulous.”


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