NeNe Leakes Responds To Kandi Burruss Saying She Has “Fake Friends”; NeNe Says “I Have Lots Of Great Friends”

Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t shown NeNe Leakes very much this season until recently. Now we have seen her try to make amends with former bestie Cynthia Bailey. Awkward!  I wasn’t sure how genuine the emotion was from NeNe. Kenya Moore said that NeNe doesn’t have any friends on RHOA, and only apologized because she had no other choice.

The person that NeNe had the most conflict with this season is, of course, Kenya. Now it looks like Kandi Burruss can add her name to that unfortunate list.

NeNe threw a “leopard lunch” event to promote sisterhood. Cynthia went, but had to drive mommy-to-be Eva Marcille to the hospital because she was having contractions. Now that is a fool-proof way to leave a party! Kenya showed up and waited a couple of minutes before leaving. That left Kandi and Tanya Sam to greet NeNe, the hostess, when she arrived hours late for her own event. And NeNe wasn’t wearing any type of leopard or zebra print. So, why did she tell the ladies to wear animal prints? Not cool, NeNe.

Kandi and Tanya thought they were the only guests, until NeNe called over a large group of ladies who had been waiting in another section of the restaurant. In her RHOA interview, Kandi asked, “Who are these random ladies?” She also said that maybe those ladies were invited in case no one else showed. So shady, and so possibly true.


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NeNe and loyal soldier Marlo Hampton were insulting Kenya chatting on the March 1 episode of the Watch What Happens Live After Show, and NeNe was in rare form. A caller asked NeNe what she thought about the comments that Kandi made on RHOA about NeNe having “fake friends” at the lunch.

Kandi wouldn’t know who my friends are because she’s never around me with my friends, okay? No shade! But shade at the same time,” NeNe responded. “I mean, I have lots of great friends, and I don’t share them with her, just like she doesn’t share her personal friends with me.”


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But NeNe wasn’t done tossing out her shade grenades. “And in fact, when she was at that brunch, she was very nice to everybody. I was really surprised to see her get in her interview and say those things,” NeNe said. “Fake ass.”

I am ready for some epic drama at the reunion!


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]