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Kandi Burruss Thinks Porsha Williams Making Up With NeNe Leakes Was Fake; Kenya Moore Has Receipts Proving How Fake Porsha Is

That reconciliation between Porsha Williams and NeNe Leakes came out of nowhere. The two of them have barely spoken this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Then, Porsha pulls NeNe aside to make up, even though NeNe is the woman who fat-shamed Porsha six days after she gave birth and went crazy on Porsha in her bedroom closet.

How did this happen? Was it even sincere? Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore don’t think so, which isn’t a surprise. Well, the Kenya part isn’t a surprise. Kandi was the first RHOA cast member to be cool with NeNe (when no one else wanted to film with her) this season and she’s stopped shading Porsha, well, until now that is.

During an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, Kandi joked, “And the Academy Award goes too…” This led to Kenya imitating Porsha crying while she made up with NeNe.

Kenya addressed Porsha, saying, “We got receipts, girl. What are you doing? We’ll never show those receipts.” Kandi confirmed, “No, never.” However, no one believes that. Why talk about having receipts if you’re never going to show them?


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Kenya even emphasized, “But there are receipts.” If they ever film the Season 12 reunion, I’m sure Kenya will show those receipts, most likely text message print-outs.

Kandi said, “Like, you’re the main one who didn’t want to make up with her. It was just like, ‘What are you talking about?’ What?” Clearly, Porsha talked a lot of shit about NeNe in a group text. Or at least that’s what it sounds like.


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Kenya added, “What show are we watching?” Kandi pointed out, “They literally live around the corner from each other and never spoke or see each other unless we’re [all] together.”

Aside from claiming they’ll never show these supposed receipts, Kenya doubled down with an Instagram post. Kenya posted a photo of paper receipts and wrote “RHOA Season 12 Reunion will be EPIC! The #TRUTH about all these #FAKE friendships will be exposed. Secrets have been kept way too long. All the snake’s heads will be cut off. My receipts are ready. #RHOA #RHOASeason12Reunion.”


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Hopefully, they get around to filming the Season 12 reunion. As of now, it’s postponed due to Coronavirus concerns.


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