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Jackie Goldschneider Shares Why She “Hates” Danielle Staub; Thinks Danielle Is Done On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Even though Danielle Staub hasn’t been a full-time cast member since Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2, she sure brought the drama during Season 10. She is so much drama that every single RHONJ cast member doesn’t want to be her friend. However, I don’t get why some of them are so against her, other than being loyal to their allies and just being scared of her. But, what I’m saying is, some of them don’t actually seem to have a personal beef with Danielle, like Jackie Goldschneider.

Well, according to Jackie she actually has a major issue with Danielle and she even “hates” her.

On a recent episode of the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast, Jackie was asked about Danielle’s reunion appearance. Jackie declared, “I think she’s changed from last year. If you watch her at the reunion last year, I think she was feistier. This year, she just seemed sad and resigned. She was over it, I feel like.”

Jackie also said, “I don’t think she can come back. You have to have at least one friend on the cast in order to be a part of the group. There’s really nobody. She has nobody, so I don’t see how she’d integrate at all. I think she’s done.” By “done,” she’s probably out for Season 11, but if there’s a shortage on drama, I’m sure she will find a “friend” and an excuse to reappear.


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Jackie even said, “I don’t think she really adds anything to it.” Really? Danielle doesn’t really add anything? Danielle has a lot of haters, but no one can deny that she brings an interesting storyline every time she’s on-screen. Someone remind me, what’s Jackie’s storyline?

Jackie continued, “I’m not a big fan of hers. I never have been because of something that most people don’t even know about that she did to me.”


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So what did Beverly Danielle do to Jackie? Jackie shared, “When you’re first on the show, you’re not allowed to say anything until Bravo announces you. I was the new cast member and people knew but I hadn’t had my chance to meet the world yet. She went on Wendy Williams and told everybody I was boring.”

Jackie continued, “She said ‘There’s two cast members and one of them is really boring. She’s a one and done.’ And she said ‘I’ve been to this zoo before and I know which animals survive.'” That was it? There have been a lot of people who called Jackie boring. And Danielle has done way worse to other people on this show. If you ask me, she let Jackie off easy.


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Jackie admitted, “I was so upset because I couldn’t defend myself. I couldn’t say anything and all that anybody knew about me for a month was that I was boring.” Again, that’s really not so bad as far as Danielle-induced problems go.


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Jackie even declared, “I hated her since then.”


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