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Jackie Goldschneider & Her Husband Evan Goldschneider Are Having An “Ongoing Discussion” About Lack Of Oral Sex In Their Marriage

Jackie Goldschneider has really been opening up to viewers on Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. She has also been involved in plenty of drama. At the beginning of Season 10, Jackie confronted Teresa Giudice about posting a video of co-star Jennifer Aydin imitating her.

Jennifer was obsessed with the low-key party that Jackie gave her kids. Of course, Jennifer would spend a ton of money for a lavish event for her children. So, when the Jersey Housewives went to Jackie’s house in the Hamptons, they were surprised by how beautiful it was.

During the Hamptons get-away, Melissa Gorga stunned her RHONJ co-stars when she revealed that Jackie made her husband, Evan Goldschneider, sign a prenup. So, Jackie actually has money. Jackie and her husband rent out their Hamptons house for a cool $50,000 a month. Wow! Jennifer mercilessly grilled Jackie about her financial situation. Classy as always, Jennifer. Jennifer is beyond jealous.

Jackie also opened up about how her eating disorder still affects her today, and I applaud her honesty. But then she shared something that I wish she hadn’t. Jackie stated on RHONJ that “Jewish girls don’t give b*** jobs.” Umm…thanks for sharing? She also told the world that she and Evan don’t engage in oral sex–at all.


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In a video clip from The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show, Jackie told Melissa and Margaret Josephs that, “I know plenty of Jewish girls that give b*** jobs.” But Jackie isn’t one of them. And Margaret and Melissa were shook, because apparently, that wouldn’t fly with their spouses. TMI alert!

“To me personally, I think it’s freaking gross,” Jackie stated. “My husband spends half the day in the bathroom, and I don’t want to go down on him after that.” Jackie also explained that she doesn’t like oral sex performed on her. “No…because I don’t like it. I don’t want it, “Jackie said. “We’re both not really into that.” Again–more information that I don’t want, or need, to know.


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In an interview with Page Six, Jackie said that she has been talking to Evan about this situation. “I will say that we’ve been discussing. We’re open to a resolution. We’ve been putting our heads together to find a resolution,” Jackie revealed. Jackie refused to give any further details, saying, “I can’t say this in Page Six. If my husband reads that in the newspaper, he’ll get really upset.”

Too late now, girl!  Evan will get to enjoy all the comments about your sex life on RHONJ and online. Finally! Fans of the show can sleep well at night now that the Goldschneiders’ oral sex situation is being resolved.


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