Report: Kyle Richards Is Only Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star In Touch With Brandi Glanville

Even though Brandi Glanville isn’t a full-time cast member and Denise Richards is still a relatively new cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the most-talked-about story going into Season 10 is the rumor that Denise and Brandi had a sexual relationship. Brandi insists that it’s true. Meanwhile, Denise firmly denied the claim through her representative.

In addition to these hookup allegations, rumors are swirling that Denise is on the outs with the rest of the cast members. At first, she just seemed too busy with her made-for-TV movies “busy acting career.” Then, it was reported that Brandi showed the RHOBH ladies messages from Denise talking behind their backs. This really doesn’t sound like a huge deal since they’re basically all paid to talk behind each other’s backs, but here we are. Denise and Brandi are both allegedly outsiders among the RHOBH ladies.

This has not been confirmed, but HollywoodLife reported that most of the cast members have been in touch during the quarantine. However, “a source” says Brandi and Denise are on the outs with the rest of the group.

That same source claimed, “Only Kyle [Richards] is talking to Brandi, that that’s because of Kim [Richards].” Wow, no one would have saw that one coming a year ago. However, Kyle and Brandi are in a great place. Brandi and Kim are even doing some sort of live show together. But, I have a feeling Kyle and Brandi becoming friends has less to do with Kim and more to do with Kyle’s falling out with Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi’s mortal enemy.


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That source told Hollywood Life, “None of the other ladies have spoken to Brandi. Garcelle [Beauvais] is the only main cast member to have talked to Denise recently, but that’s it. Nobody else has checked in on her.”

Is that really a big deal? Probably not. It’s really not shocking that no one is speaking to Denise given all the reports of Denise-driven drama during filming. However, I figured the cast was happy with Brandi for doing their dirty. work by exposing this Denise storyline.


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[Photo Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo]