Real Housewives Of New York Leah McSweeney

Leah McSweeney Says Dorinda Medley Hated On Her Tattoo Because She Wasn’t Completely Fulfilled In Her Relationship With John Mahdessian

When Leah McSweeney was introduced as the new cast member of Real Housewives of New York, she described herself as a bit of a misfit.  The out of place rebel in a prestigious New York City catholic school.  Now that she is mixing with the post-menopausal ladies of the upper east and west sides, you’d think she was in the same predicament.

The reaction of the rest of the cast, besides the ever juvenile Tinsley Mortimer, was of shock and disdain at Leah’s array of tattoos.  The most offending one being a tramp stamp of her name.  Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer were internalizing this revelation just before Leah arrived for the Hamptons sleep over.  Leah received a warm welcome, and then some off-hand remarks.  She and Dorinda got into it before leaving the house for dinner.  This situation could have escalated further had Leah not responded to Dorinda the way she did.

Leah interviewed with HollywoodLife via Instagram Live. She dished on the episode and her feelings towards Dorinda now.

Leah does think that Dorinda regretted her words and reaction to the tramp stamp.  She also thinks Dorinda realizes that she unfairly judged her by proxy of her friendship with Tinsley.  Leah explained, “obviously watching it she says, ‘oh I didn’t give Leah a fair chance because I have XYZ issues with Tinsley.'”


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Dorinda and Leah’s confrontation had less to do with their own issues and more with Sonja Morgan running to each party to reveal what the other had said.  Leah held her own, and in the end, earned Dorinda’s respect.  “I think that Dorinda probably respected that I was like, ‘no, don’t say that to me,'” the Married To The Mob founder said, “I think Dorinda respects that kind of thing.”

Though the cast has moved on from the incident for now, Leah is still surprised her tattoos were even an issue.  She said, “I’m like, ‘where am I?  Do these people not live in New York?'”


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Leah revealed her empathy towards Dorinda after seeing her emotional conversation with Ramona.  She said, “sometimes you have to accept the bad with the good when it comes to friends.  I think that she is a very genuine, genuine person.  Looking back, maybe she wasn’t completely fulfilled with her relationship with John [Mahdessian].  She was dealing with the whole flooding of the house.  It was a lot for her.  It’s still no excuse and it’s not.”

Leah has decided to keep the tramp stamp for now.  She even has a plan to showcase the tattoo at the reunion.  “I meant to get it removed and I have an amazing tattoo artist who’s removed quite a few for me in the past and I hadn’t gotten it done yet but I was planning on it.” However, shes’s had a change of heart. Leah said, “but now after seeing this episode, I’ve got to keep the tramp stamp on forever.  After this episode, I have to.”


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