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Love Is Blind Stars Matt Barnett & Amber Pike Name Co-Stars They’d Hate To Quarantine With & Who They’d Love To Isolate With During Coronavirus Pandemic

While the premise of Love is Blind focused on singles looking for true love without seeing what the suitors look like, one of the most compelling elements was the love triangles. Jessica Batten was torn between [Matt] Barnett and Mark Cuevas. However, Barnett ditched Jessica for Amber Pike and LC Chamblin. Eventually, he proposed to Amber and they’re still married today, almost two years later. That quickly ended LC’s reality TV career though. However, Jessica was still on the show, annoying the shit out of all of us.

Jessica constantly reminded Mark that he was “24.” She created problems that weren’t actually there while Mark was an absolute gem. She also got drunk and threw herself at Barnett a couple of different times that we saw. The level of disrespect was unreal.

In an IGTV interview shared by Betches, Amber and Barnett dished on their time in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. They were asked, “Which Love is Blind star would you hate to be isolated with?”

Amber said what we were all thinking- “Does that need to be said? I feel like that’s a given.” However, her husband was pretty clueless. Barnett asked her, “Is it a given?” Then, hit finally hit him and he muttered, “Oh wow.”


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He even made a Harry Potter reference, joking, “Lord Voldemort, the name that shall not be spoken.” Then he went straight to the point. Barnett answered, “Probably Jessica for both of us. We’ll say it.” Well, duh. I just wish they threw in a bit more shade with the answer.

They also dished on the Love Is Blind couple they wouldn’t mind being isolated with. For anyone who needs a refresher, there are only two options- Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton or Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers. Giannina’s potential mood swings during a pandemic are not something anyone should have to deal with. Poor Damian. So, of course, the answer to this question was pretty obvious as well.


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Amber answered, “Lauren and Cameron, probably.” She even explained why, “He can teach us how to do all this tech stuff and she can teach us how to Tik Tok. We don’t know how to Tik Tok.” Barnett was not down to Tik Tok and I’m grateful that he’s abstaining from the app. Amber hypothesized, “You and Cameron can work out together.” Barnett agreed and told her, “Yeah, I need a workout buddy.”


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