Lisa Rinna Says Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills “Needed” Sutton Stracke

We are three episodes into Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last week’s episode aptly titled “First Impressions, True Confessions” saw the women attending a dinner party at Kyle Richards’. Everyone went around to share their thoughts on one housewife in a very pageant-approved way. This was until we got to Sutton Stracke, who stopped the pleasantries in their tracks and told Teddi Mellencamp she thought she was going to be “boring.”

Sutton has been getting a lot of heat online. For praising manners and class while being rude herself (fair). For not being relatable or entertaining. The list goes on. Jackie Goldschneider, polarizing enough on her own, from Real Housewives of New Jersey even came out to share she is not a fan of Sutton. In the height of what feels like a smear campaign against Sutton, Lisa Rinna came forward recently to say that the show needed Sutton.

Lisa “I don’t have to buy it, because I already own it” Rinna commented on a FacesbyBravo Instagram meme, as posted by CommentsByBravo. The post had the text “Me thinking about the Bravo fans who complained about the RHOBH cast being “too boring” (because they’re all friends) are the same ones who are complaining about Sutton having no filter and stirring up the drama.” Well, where’s the lie with that? It is quite literally a reality TV show at heart, not a docuseries following 7 polite, wealthy women.

The text in this Instagram post was posted above a screencap of Lisa with her saying in the caption “I want to pull my hair out.” In defense, Lisa commented on this post “We needed Sutton. Periodt.”


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Now, I have some of the same thoughts most do about Sutton. I think she can make an effort to relate to the women. She needs to sense the tone of the room, and reel it back on the Dolce and Gabbana label-dropping a bit (and look her castmates for more relevant label recommendations). This isn’t even for defense, but for pure watch-ability of the scenes Sutton is in. Conflict is great, but awkward disconnects between castmates? Less so.

Regarding the perspective of her needing to be humble, it is important to remember we’re watching The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. It’s not the Humble Housewives of Hidden Hills. This is a franchise that used to put outlandish expenditures in the episodes themselves (shoutout to Taylor Armstrong’s 60k party for her daughter’s fourth birthday in Season 1).


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Flexing on money is integral to the show, though as the show evolved manners and tact took precedence over this. If Sutton could demonstrate some self-awareness and manners, her likeability would probably improve.


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