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Jackie Goldschneider Is Not A Fan Of Sutton Stracke On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Says She’s “Too Obnoxious” & “Uppity”

Sutton Stracke has made quite the splash on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We are only three episodes in and she has already proved to be someone worth talking about. Good or bad. So what have we learned about Sutton so far? As Lisa Rinna has told us (many times now), Sutton is rich rich. We get it, Rinna. Sutton likes couture clothing and will point that out to anyone. She is also big into manners, which became crystal clear in the last episode. Sutton practically threw a hissy fit over Kyle Richards not using place cards at her dinner party. Can you imagine!? But for someone so hellbent on proper manners, Sutton didn’t seem to mind telling Teddi Mellencamp to her face that she thought she would be boring. And then scoffed at Teddi being pregnant. As if someone who is pregnant could not be interesting. I know what you guys are going to say, Teddi is not, in fact, interesting. Ok, so Sutton might have a point, but it wasn’t a very polite one. Especially when it comes to trying to enjoy the company of new friends.

So it’s pretty obvious that Sutton is maybe not going to be a fan favorite. Is her bristling attitude why she was downgraded to a friend of instead of a full time cast member like we were all led to believe? Not sure. Sutton claims it’s because she didn’t show as much of her life as the producers would have liked but I’m not buying it. But with all the drama she’s bringing, it’s understandable that she’s ruffling a lot of feathers in Beverly Hills. Oh but not just Beverly Hills. Sutton has developed quite the reputation among housewives on the east coast too.

Jackie Goldschneider may only be a few seasons into Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she has proven to be someone who doesn’t hold back. Yes, I know a lot of fans think she’s boring and doesn’t bring much to the table. But to me, she never backs down and is always honest. She took on Teresa Giudice, give the gal some credit. So naturally, when it comes time to give her opinion on the newest housewife on RHOBH, Jackie isn’t holding back on her either.

Jackie recently spoke with Daily Mail and said, “Sutton, I’m not a big fan of. I think she’s she’s a little too obnoxious.” Well, that makes two of us. Jackie continues, “Listen, I mean, we’re all like: sit down, be humble. I find her a little too uppity.”


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We have all heard the rumblings of Jackie being one of the richest housewives and yet, she never throws it in anyone’s face. We even saw that play out as a feud between her and Jennifer Aydin last season. So this assessment of Sutton is not really a surprise. 

While both Jackie and Sutton have been accused of being uptight, Jackie doesn’t address that fact when it comes to Sutton. Maybe she figures she’s said enough. Plus, Jackie has been working overtime on her Instagram, giving the fans a daily satire video on how to survive quarantine. Regardless of what you think of Jackie, you should go and check them out. They are pretty funny and super relatable. Maybe Sutton should come down off her high horse and try it sometime.


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