Real Housewives Of Atlanta Yovanna Momplaisir

Yovanna Momplaisir Reportedly An Official Cast Member On Real Housewives Of Atlanta Next Season

Yvonna Momplaisir might be a mere “friend of” on Real Housewives of Atlanta. But for being a friend of, she is bringing plenty to the table. She might be summed up as a one-time NeNe Leakes friend and accomplice in Snake Gate. Either way, Yovanna proved she’s not taking the fall for anyone. On part three of the reunion, Yovanna sat down to tell them her side of the Snake Gate drama. According to Yovanna, NeNe set the whole thing up and she was just trying to help a friend out. We’ve heard that one before, right?

NeNe now infamously stormed off and didn’t bother to defend herself. But if NeNe was going to start the drama, Yovanna was going to finish it. Was this all a ploy for Yovanna to get herself a peach?

Now TMZ is reporting that it’s all paid off for Yovanna. According to sources, she’s the latest addition to the cast of  RHOA season 13. While it’s not officially confirmed, sources say that the drama behind Snake Gate will be a central storyline next season.

To get down to the nitty-gritty of Snake Gate, let’s do a quick recap. Kandi Burruss heard that fellow cast member Cynthia Bailey had been recorded by someone talking about NeNe. NeNe claims to have held receipts but refused to name whoever had given her said recording. On a trip to Canada, organized by Tanya Sam, the ladies quickly went in on Yovanna. At the time, they claimed she was the “snitch”. Yovanna flat out denied it, but the ladies weren’t buying it.


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So Yovanna was set to take fall but little did NeNe know that Yovanna didn’t feel like being played. Yovanna then decided to defend herself by showing up to the reunion with her own version of events. As Yovanna tells it, NeNe asked her to record all the ladies talking smack about her. Yovanna then claimed that she never actually betrayed the woman. Why you may ask? Yovanna says it was because she was building genuine relationships.

Naturally, some of the cast took issue with this statement. Kandi said it made it worse that Yovanna was creating connections only to tell NeNe she would do her bidding. The rest of the cast agreed. When Yovanna’s segment was over, the cast was divided on whether or not Yovanna was telling the truth. With NeNe absent, it’s hard to get a real sense of the truth.


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Regardless of whether or not Yovanna ends up being a cast member next year, I for one am always going to remember Yovanna as the central player in it all.


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