Nene Leakes arrives in Toronto Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Torment In Toronto

Last night the Real Housewives Of Atlanta headed to Toronto, Canada to celebrate Carnival, and a surprise guest had them all wishing they had just stayed home!

Tanya Sam is a Toronto native who grew up experiencing Carnival and just wants to share it with her friends. Right away, you know this trip is going to be a disaster because instead of inviting her friends, Tanya is bringing the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Also, she invited Nene Leakes, who rudely didn’t RSVP, and instead literally showed up, hours after the other ladies had arrived.

Good thing Marlo Hampton considers NeNe her sissy, because Marlo’s passport was stolen at the airport and she’s trapped in Canada. The rest of the women can at least bail on MeMe!

NeNe isn’t the only bone to pick. Before the trip, Porsha Williams learned that Eva Marcille, someone she considered ‘part of her village,’ was ranting about how Porsha needs to mind her own business or Eva may have to whip out some of the blogs about Dennis McKinley to remind Porsha of what her business actually is.

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Now, I barely remember the drama that started this situation and I thought it had been handled, packed away, and erased, but apparently not. It goes back to episode 1 when Porsha told Kenya Moore that Eva didn’t bring her kids to Brooklyn’s Barbie party because she didn’t know what to expect, given that she barely knows Kenya (and of course Eva had heard some things.)

Eva Marcille Real Housewives Of Atlanta

All these many weeks later, long after Kenya and Eva have made amends-ish, Kandi Burruss and Marlo are with Eva and Cynthia Bailey at a bridal salon, talking about how Porsha is the one who originated the drama between Kenya and Eva. Why is this a thing? Apparently, it was Marlo who brought it up to Eva as a way to prove their newfound getting along situation? Unfortunately, Eva is super pregnant and salty the second she doesn’t have food. And when there’s no food in her mouth, Eva has nasty words instead. Obviously, Kandi and Marlo then repeated Eva’s comments to Porsha. So, now Porsha is heading into Toronto – a turn-up this overly-stressed mama badly needs – with a mess to clean up.

Also packing issues in their suitcase is Cynthia, who is suspicious about why Kenya possibly tried to ruin her surprise proposal. *Sigh* Minutes before Mike Hill was about to pop the question, Kenya showed up at the Bailey Wine Cellar launch and told Cynthia she had a feeling Mike was going to propose that night. Of course,o Kenya knew this was the plan because Kandi had already told her!

Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

You’d think in the glow of post-engagement happiness Mike and Cynthia would have other things to care about, but apparently not. Apparently, Mike is miffed and mentioned to Cynthia that he’s disappointed he suspects Kenya of wanting to spill the beans.

So anyway, here we come to Toronto with all of this, plus NeNe nonsense! At the airport, Marlo and Eva are miraculously getting along. And, also Yovanna Momplaisir shows up. She’s wearing a blonde wig in the color of NeNe hair, and everyone wonders if she just invited herself in NeNe’s place. That might be preferable, except most of the women suspect Yovanna of being a secret agent working for NeNe by trying to infiltrate their group. But no Tanya, held at stilletto-point by production, actually invited Yovanna. How nice…

At this point, Tanya still has no idea if NeNe is coming or not, and some of the women didn’t even know she was invited. Cynthia actually hopes she does come so she can thank NeNe in person for the supposedly heartfelt card and the charcuterie from Costco that was delivered to the wine cellar opening. Cynthia tried to text a thank you, but found out her number was blocked! Marlo was supposed to be the messenger, but NeNe has been having issues with Gregg and not responding to any calls. Ergo no one knows whether or not to expect NeNe.

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On the plane, everyone gets along, and the only issue is that Marlo’s passport was nabbed by the FBI suspected of domestic terrorism. Wanting to squash any potential idiocy before it begins, Tanya announces that everyone will have the exact same room at a luxury hotel. Tanya, so sweet and thoughtful, even tries to give everyone a history lesson about the importance of Carnival, but this where it become blatantly apparent that Tanya is far too intellectual for this group because they tune her out to sip Hennessey from the flask Porsha smuggled THROUGH TSA. Really, REALLY feeling positively about all the security measures they inflict…

After checking into the hotel the Kandi and Cynthia meet up with Kenya in her room, and two important things are learned: One, Cynthia has discovered that the exact note NeNe wrote in the card is now on a popular Atlanta blog. Cynthia didn’t leak the card, so the only other option is Yovanna or Marlo NeNe herself! Kenya is 100% certain it’s NeNe wanting to rehab her public image and prove that she’s trying to make things right with Cynthia. Perhaps… Actually a good and plausible theory, Ms. Moore!

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Then, of course, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room: Marc Daly! After the disastrous couples dinner Cynthia and Kandi are super unimpressed with Kenya’s choice in mate. And even worse, after leaving dinner barely on speaking terms with his wife (over defending NeNe!) Marc chose to hit the club with Todd Tucker!

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Kandi Burruss Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

This is the same man who refuses to even go on a couple’s trip with his wife and leave Brooklyn with a nanny… The same man who lives across the country from his wife and daughter and only sees them every couple weeks. Kenya is well-aware that this is seriously screwed up, so at least there’s that. She cries when she admits that her marriage is in a very low place. Kenya has no idea how it’s come to this.

Thankfully, Cynthia points out the obvious: Kenya is not happy with this man. And Marc clearly mislead her about what he wanted! Also, why isn’t Marc in Atlanta watching Brooklyn while Kenya is in Toronto? Instead, Brooklyn is with Aunt Lori and the nanny. Marc is a massive hypocrite!

Kenya is so upset she skips the scheduled dance lesson to collect herself. The rest of the women learn to ‘whine’ in time for dancing at Carnival – I bet it all comes naturally to Krayonce, queen of twirl! Eva sits on an exercise ball because whining got her into this pregnant mess, and it sure as hell ain’t gonna get her out!

This gives Eva plenty of opportunity to provide testimony on everyone else’s dancing skills. Porsha and Cynthia only know how to twerk – which is not whining and not allowed. Porsha has no desire to learn another way — which is a euphemism for her entire life!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Carnival Dance Lessons Toronto

Kandi has no rhythm whatsoever and takes dancing way too seriously to ever really feel it. Marlo is… living in a dream world where she married a millionaire diplomat and has immunity that needs no passport. That leaves Yovanna and Tanya as being anything close to decent, so whine away ladies.

And after that fateful (and fun) dance lesson Tanya gets a surprise call from NeNe, who is leaving the airport and on her way to inflict maximum destruction on the trip. Tanya pretends to be thrilled to see NeNe, but it couldn’t get anymore forced if it were Kandi attempting to oil her hips during the whine.

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Nene Leakes Arrives Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Tanya waits until all the women are assembled for drinks on the rooftop to reveal the news that NeNe has entered the building. Eva, Cynthia, and Porsha are openly disgusted. Kandi and Kenya are wary. Marlo is thrilled.

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Before NeNe joins the group, Porsha confronts Eva, who has no recollection of trashing her in the bridal salon. In fact, Eva accuses Kandi of making the entire thing up! Cynthia also claims to have no memories of what specifically Eva said, but before things get too heated she defends Eva as riding hard for Porsha and always being a good friend to her. Cynthia says Eva was just speaking in anger.

Eva apologizes for hurting Porsha’s feelings, and given how supportive Eva has been through the Dennis travail, and of Dennis and Porsha getting back together, Porsha decides to “digest” this apology like she would a cheese plate. With wine, not whine.

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Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

While they’re on the subject of issues, Cynthia asks Kenya what her intentions were in hinting that Mike was going to propose at the wine cellar opening. Kenya insists she meant no malice and was just so excited it slipped out. Echoing Cynthia’s choice of words about Eva, she reminds her BFF that she rides hard for her and would never intentionally try to destroy her moment.

Given how upset Kenya was over Marc, I don’t think this was the time for Cynthia to bring it up. Just me?

Then, just as everything is settling down and the women are preparing to let bygones be bygones, around the corner comes NeNe and about no one can hide their irritation.

Pleasant times ahead!


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