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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 Recap: Yo’Vanna Talk About It?!

Oh man, Real Housewives Of Atlanta season 12 has officially ended, and with it so many things we hold to be near and dear – like NeNe Leakes‘ dignity. Haaaa… just kidding. That got ripped off with a wig about 5 seasons ago!

NeNe never managed to return for the remainder of the reunion. Close your legs to married men; close your laptop to scary women! Eva Marcille predicts that NeNe was running scared after she learned her now-former friend Yovanna Momplaisir was secretly invited to the reunion and was coming with the good dirt. Yovanna accidentally spilled the tea by posting about it on Instagram. Not that NeNe wouldn’t have just ‘walked out‘ the second Yovanna appeared on the screen.

See, no good deed goes unpunished. NeNe was trying to promote her thirsty friend, Yovanna. However, these jump-offs always turn on their springboard. And the higher the heels the farther the fall!

Andy Cohen was just about to break down Cynthia Bailey‘s dysfunctional friendships with NeNe and Kenya Moore when NeNe bailed, so he winds up showing the clip package to NeNe’s empty screen. So Cynthia ends up just making one excuse after another for Kenya’s bullshit with no one to interrupt with a scathing diatribe about how Kenya is a busted egg salad sandwich on day-old pumpernickel bread with a no real marriage insight and this why she has the heart of a sea lion and deserves to have someone spit on her. Or some stank NeNe logic that is just preposterous.


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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey Nene Leakes

Seriously, though, Cynthia is pathetic when it comes to Kenya. I know this is old news – older than Kenya’s biological clock according to NeNe’s calendar – but it really is sad to just watch her make justification after justification, and claim she forgives Kenya because she is always sincere in her apologies. Lady, you are too damn Fifty-Three Cyn to be actually believing this shit and I cannot believe that Porsha Williams was the only person calling Kenya out!

Cynthia is also full of crap regarding her involvement with the Cookie Lady. LORD, talk about stale! Can we stop trying to make Crumbles, the generic chocolate chip, happen? Cynthia claims she was trying to do Tanya Sam a solid by inviting Cookie Lady to tell her tale at Brooklyn’s party, therefore it wasn’t an ambush like what Kenya did at the brunch. Um, did Cynthia WARN Tanya that cookie lady may appear? I think not! Kandi Burruss is not here for this and sees exactly what Cynthia is doing – trying to sweep her mess under the train of her ball gown.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Tanya Sam

I actually really like Cynthia. I don’t find her to be boring, but I do find her Little Miss Innocent act insincere and silly. Why can’t she admit she was being shady towards Tanya in order to create drama on Real Housewives Of Atlanta?Why can’t Cynthia acknowledge that Kenya was jealous of her friendship with Eva and is trying to punish her?


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At least Cynthia told Kenya she went too far with hinting that Mike Hill was planning to propose the night of the surprise proposal party! Kenya, sat there with her fake ‘who me?’ face, and kept insisting she was just excited for her friend. Bullllshit. Kenya always treats Cynthia like collateral damage, aka someone disposable. When Kenya is angry about her own situations or feels that Cynthia isn’t staying in line, she lashes out. Porsha and Tanya are the only ones pointing this out, although Porsha just starts yelling, and sometimes her points get lost in her self-inflated drama. I do love Porsha though. She brings a lightness to this show that is desperately needed!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Porsha Williams

Porsha’s issue with Kenya is that she just won’t admit that she’s calculating and scheming, but instead tries to play victim when anyone lashes back. Kenya insists that everything she does is in retaliation and that she doesn’t provoke people. Expect what did Cynthia ever do to her? Other than try to rekindle her friendship with NeNe

Kenya is questioned about refusing to accept the olive branches NeNe extended both before filming and once news of “Ken’s” divorce broke. See, I actually agree with Kenya’s decision here. She knew NeNe was being insincere, and only wanted to fake-make amends to save face and give herself some insurance and relevance on RHOA. Especially after the divorce I feel Kenya was wise to steer clear. I do think Kenya could have rejected NeNe with a little more class. Instead of going Krayonce, she could’ve gone Mrs. Ken Daly.


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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kenya Moore

Porsha’s other issue is that Kenya repeatedly used Shamea Morton this season. First at Porsha’s Rainbow charity lunch. Then at Kandi’s baby shower when Kenya claimed she just wanted to talk to Shamea, just when she happened to be sitting next to NeNe, whom Kenya was currently – like at that very moment – having an argument with! Porsha calls that out for exactly what it was. Kenya tried provoke NeNe by getting in her proximity, thus trying to instigate her going too far.

Not only is this completely transparent (and ‘So Kenya‘), but it’s also genuinely thoughtless towards her friend, Kandi, who was trying to thank her surrogate and got interrupted by NeNe and Kenya’s screeching in the audience. When you have to call security on your friends during your baby shower, it might be time to get some new friends. Or in Kandi’s situation when you have to call security on your Made-For-TV Friends during your baby shower, it might be time to get a new TV show. Preferably one all about you!


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The way NeNe treated Kenya, particularly in Greece, was beyond the pale and completely reprehensible, but the way NeNe treats everyone is appalling. As we’ll soon see when Yovanna joins and finally exposes fake-snake-gate.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey

According to Yovanna, who is wearing what looks like a slutty graduation gown, NeNe solicited her to come on this show and associate with these women purely to gather dirt for her. NeNe asked Yovanna to record the women secretly, and then let her listen to the recordings.

Yovanna pretended to comply, but insists she never actually recorded Cynthia. Instead she suddenly developed a conscience that getting on TV wasn’t worth breaking the law and violating people’s trust. Or did Yovanna suddenly realize that NeNe was a non-factor on Real Housewives Of Atlanta and she’d have better luck getting cast if she formed friendships with the other ladies, except she was still beholden to NeNe and also afraid of her so she tried to play both sides of the fence until her luck ran out? After all, nobody likes a snitch!


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Well, Yovanna chose well in refusing to comply with NeNe’s nonsense. However when she finally informed NeNe that she was done informing for her, NeNe canceled their friendship, then sent Yovanna a cease & desist letter barring her from revealing any recorded audio or information she may have. Instead Yovanna went ahead and ‘hired’ Michael Sterling, as in Eva’s husband who is now in private practice so they can up their lifestyle in the hopes of being fabulous enough to stay on this show.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Yovanna Momplaisir Eva Marcille

It kills two birds with one stone in giving both Yovanna and Eva some relevance and leverage as far as returning next season, and it does look like they’ll be at least two vacancies: NeNe and Cynthia, and possibly 3 if Kandi decides to only focus on her solo show. Although I can’t imagine Kandi giving up paychecks of any kind!

Anyway, Yoanna’s attorney said she didn’t do anything wrong. She is free to come on the RHOA reunion to talk shit about NeNe to defend herself. I am so confused. I thought Yovanna and NeNe were genuine friends for decades. But, now Real Housewives of Atlanta has suddenly come between them? I guess Yovanna didn’t like being used. I understand, but I’m super disappointed in NeNe for destroying a friendship this way. Anything to protect her voracious ego!


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So in the end Snake-Gate was never a thing. It, like so many other situations, was a fabrication in NeNe’s mind. But, it worked as far as getting her back in the game and into the mix with the rest of the women. Cynthia is shocked and disappointed to learn that NeNe was behind all of this. NeNe tried to coerce Yovanna into using her budding friendships with the women to obtain information to use against them.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Andy Cohen Cynthia Bailey Yovanna Momplaisir

Yovanna isn’t the bone carrier, she’s the faux python skin carrier. Or rather she is picking up the skin snakes shed and bringing it to a wannabe Christian Louboutin asking him to make shoes. She should step off instead.


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Rumor has it Yovanna will be back next season, but can anyone really trust her now? Also does she really have a storyline if NeNe doesn’t return? Clearly Yovanna only matters if she’s planning to come up against RHOA’s self-described queen.


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