Lance Bass Calls Out Andy Cohen For Making Excuses For Ignorant Bravo Cast Members

Considering that Lance Bass officiated Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding, it would be logical to assume that he is close with the couple. However, Lance claimed that he ended his business relationship with Jax (they have a line of drink mixers) and he predicted that Jax will be the next one to get fired from Vanderpump Rules.

Jax spoke out and claimed that wasn’t the case and that he’s still a part of the business and that he’s “shocked” and “confused” about Lance cutting ties with him publicly. In addition to calling out Jax for his problematic statements and behavior, Lance is also unhappy with Andy Cohen for seemingly overlooking the behavior of various Bravo cast members throughout the years.

TooFab reported that Lance said, “There’s a lot of ignorance around reality television people, but in this case I understand what Bravo is doing, they’re draining the swamp. You made the bed now you gotta lay in it. You’re gonna have to fall on the sword, learn from it and make the world know that you learned from it and not make excuses, Mr. Andy Cohen.”

Lance said, “Andy kind of excuses himself from the situation. Andy, you’re the face of Bravo, dude, you can make a lot of things happen.” Very true. Even though Andy has distanced himself from Vanderpump Rules, pointing out that he merely hosts the reunions and has no part in producing the shows, he does have a big voice at the network. He’s heard the Watch What Happens Live viewers who have called in with questions calling out his guests for racist and homophobic remarks. Yet, they continued to be employed by the network.


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Lance said, “And if you can’t make it happen, at least make it known in public that, ‘Look guys, I talked to Bravo and I don’t agree with them. I can’t do change. But just letting you know, I hear ya.’ Again, you gotta fall on the sword and admit that you’re wrong.”

He declared that Andy has “the most power at Bravo ever, even more than executives.” He also made it clear that he doesn’t think Andy himself is racist.


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Lance remarked, “I love me some Andylicious, but you know, in this case, it was just not a good retort for all this going down. I mean, he’s obviously not homophobic, and he’s for Black Lives Matter. I mean, he’s doing the right things and he’s really vocal about social injustice, which is awesome. But then, you know, this one thing— which, we can’t just judge him on one thing — it just wasn’t handled right. It just sounds like you’re making excuses for yourself.”


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]