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Apollo Nida Says Marc Daly Is “A Dickhead” & “Demeaning”; Wants To “Slap The Sh*t” Out Of Him For The Way He Treats Kenya Moore

As a total outsider who doesn’t actually know Kenya Moore, it blows my mind that she’s trying to reconcile with Marc Daly. From what we’ve seen, he is far from the ideal husband. From the weird way he calls her “Ken,” to his insistence on having control over everything, it’s just hard to find anything to like about this man.

During last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya revealed that she wasn’t allowed to talk to Marc’s parents. Weeks ago, she shared that Marc was sending flirty texts to former flings, who had no idea he was married with a child. Red flag alert, Kenya. Red flag alert. NeNe Leakes claimed that Marc was having multiple affairs during last week’s episode too. And, on top of all this, Kenya and Marc live in two different states. This is far from the recipe for an ideal marriage. Even Phaedra Parks‘ ex-husband Apollo Nida has something to say about Marc.

During an interview he did with Straight From the A, Apollo did not mince words. According to BET, he straight up said, “I don’t like that guy, man. He’s a real d**k. He’s a d**khead.” I mean, who does? Seriously, aside from NeNe, are there any Marc Daly fans out there? And we all know that NeNe primarily likes Marc out of spite. She just loves getting under Kenya’s skin.

Apollo added, “Oh sorry, excuse my language. He’s a d**k.  I’m sorry. I don’t care, man. He’s demeaning. He’s like a chump, man. I might slap the sh*t out of him. Like for real, he’s not cool, man. He’s not cool.”


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It’s really not cool. Not cool at all. Love Kenya or hate her, what we’ve seen from Marc isn’t remotely acceptable. I just would love to know how Phaedra feels about Apollo calling out someone else for the way he treats his spouse.

Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband Peter Thomas chimed in to say that he doesn’t watch the show anymore, which no one believes. Then again, who would want to hear “chill this” and “chill that” from Cynthia every week? She’s not even my ex and I find it annoying. I can’t imagine Peter watching this show every Sunday night hearing Cynthia incessantly brag about Mike Hill.


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However, I’m sure he’s seen some clips and he’s clued into the gossip. However, he took the safe route with his comment. Peter said, “They have a beautiful baby together.” Yes, they do. No one can argue with that. She is certainly adorable.


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