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Leah McSweeney Compares Ramona Singer To “The Evil Stepmother;” Says She “Cannot Wait” For Real Housewives Of New York Reunion

Leah McSweeney may be new to Real Housewives of New York, but she can certainly dish out the drama. Leah, who had been sober for a while, went to Ramona Singer’s Hamptons home, and decided to drink. The result? Leah, Sonja Morgan, and Tinsley Mortimer ended up topless, and very tipsy, in the pool. A naked Leah also hurled Ramona’s pool-side tiki torches like javelins. It was impressive!

When Ramona invited the RHONY gang to Newport, Rhode Island for a girls’ trip, Leah begged to invite her sister, Sarah McSweeney. When Ramona tried to withdraw the invitation, a drunken Leah went on a rampage until Ramona relented.

In March of 2020, Ramona discussed how she became a surrogate mother to Leah during the season. “It was my idea to have everyone at my home in the Hamptons right in the beginning, so we could all get to know the new girl Leah and bond together,” Ramona said. What could possibly go wrong?

“With Leah, she gets a little out of control … and I end up being like her mother. I basically adopted her as my surrogate daughter and because of that I hold her to another standard, which is very high,” Ramona stated.


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US Weekly reported that Leah threw some shade at Ramona during an interview on the Getting Real With the Housewives podcast.  “Ramona is like the evil stepmother that you don’t have,” Leah explained. “I mean, that’s how I’m feeling now. Look, I’m forgiving. I can forgive, I can move on all that,” Leah shared.

“But there are instances where I’m watching this and I’m like, you know, there’s a lot of me owning up to s—t and apologizing for s—t, but not so much on the other side and some things.” Leah added, “And I think on the reunion, that’s all gonna have to be addressed. … Get ready everybody [for the reunion]. ‘Cause I’m so ready for it. And I cannot wait.” I hope Leah isn’t waiting for an actual apology from Ramona at the reunion.


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Leah wasn’t thrilled that Ramona criticized her drinking during the trip to Rhode Island.  “Why was Ramona on my case so much? I don’t know! The RHONY newbie stated. “People were like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe Ramona’s mothering.’ … We’re seeing the soft side of Ramona. So, you know, I think people were shocked to see that, [but] I don’t think that this is out of character for her. No.”

Leah admitted that her behavior in Newport was wild. She remarked, “What’s completely unacceptable to her is much different than what’s unacceptable to me. Now was my behavior, like, wonderful? And like, am I proud of being completely drunk and doing somersaults and crying and screaming in Rhode Island? No.”


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“But at the same time, I can get over that easier rather than someone like Ramona fat-shaming Sonja [Morgan] or, you know, saying that her brand sucks or whatever. … I’m just, like, a crazy person,” Leah explained.

Even though Leah’s RHONY tagline says she “stings like a bitch,” Leah may want to watch out for that infamous Singer stinger at the reunion.


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