Ramona Singer Claims She’s ‘Totally Healthy’ After Dorinda Medley Said She Needed Coronavirus Test After Partying In The Hamptons

With a mid-season exit from Real Housewives of New York star Tinsley Mortimer and a set of new taglines, I really had high hopes for the rest of the season of the show. I want this show to work. But in Tinsley’s absence, Dorinda Medley’s outbursts, which have been a recurring theme this season, have been redirected to longtime friend Ramona Singer.

While I’ve always loved RHONY, I’m not crazy about how either one of these ladies is acting this season. This entire season has felt like Ramona would much rather be out socializing with her “fake friends,” as co-star Sonja Morgan puts it, partying in the Hamptons and climbing the social ladder. Meanwhile, Dorinda is holding nothing back as she unleashes her frustration on her fellow RHONY ladies. While this season was filmed nine months ago, the drama is still raging between Dorinda and Ramona off-camera.

If you follow Dorinda on social media, you’ll know that she’s been somewhat unhinged lately. She’s been extremely vocal on Twitter and Instagram, calling out Tinsley on a regular basis. She’s formed a social-media alliance with RHONY newbie Leah McSweeney. This past week, Dorinda slammed Ramona for attending a packed Hamptons party where Donald Trump Jr.‘s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, who later tested positive for coronavirus, was also in attendance.

As Us Weekly first reported, Ramona has broken her silence and is addressing both Dorinda’s outburst as well as her health. Ramona replied to fans on Instagram insisting that she is “totally healthy.” Ramona, who was quarantined with her daughter Avery Singer and her ex-husband Mario Singer, revealed that both she and Avery tested positive for coronavirus antibodies. Keep in mind that Ramona had also come under fire on social media when she was out and about in Boca Raton, Florida without a face-mask on. I digress.


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Ramona continued to share several tweets from fans about Dorinda’treatment of her this season. “Dorinda comes across to me as a mean girl. When other people give her a dose of her own medicine, she attacks them. Ramona, I have always loved you on the show, so don’t let this b*tch bring you down. I know that in most cases you try to help people,” Ramona re-tweets.

Now look, I know a lot of people find Dorinda hard to watch this season. But personally, I am still a fan. I can even understand some of her frustrations. Over the last few seasons, Ramona increasingly seems more self-involved than ever.


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It seems her only objective is to be seen at the hottest places in the Hamptons and in the city. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it seems to be taking away from the show. This is something Sonja has pointed out on more than one occasion. No, it doesn’t justify Dorinda’s behavior. But I do kind of get the frustration here.

Ramona also confirmed that she and Dorinda still are not in a good place (obviously). Another fan suggested that Ramona was being edited as the “villain” this season. Ramona replied, saying “But people like you see through this. That’s what counts.” Personally, the only thing I’m seeing is that Ramona seems “over” the RHONY ladies this season. I really hope the cast can find their groove again so I can stop daydreaming about a miraculous Bethenny Frankel return.


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