Dorinda medley & Ramona Singer RHONY Real Housewives of New York

Dorinda Medley Slams Ramona Singer As “An Opportunist” Who Only Looks After Herself

How’s Dorinda Medley‘s relationship with Ramona Singer doing? Apparently not well, bitch! Things between the two have seemed mostly amicable this season on The Real Housewives of New York City, but that appears to have changed since filming wrapped.

During last week’s episode, Dorinda took to social media to relentlessly attack the RHONY OG for her narcissistic behavior.

The Twitter drama started over — surprise, surprise — the ladies’ treatment of Tinsley Mortimer. During one dinner, Dorinda shunned and openly mocked the It Girl for announcing she’d be moving to Chicago to be with her on-again boyfriend Scott Kluth. Fearing Dorinda’s wrath, Ramona originally decided to keep quiet on the subject, leaving Tins feeling shunned and deflated.

However, Dorinda took serious umbrage with Ramona backpedaling later in the episode and giving her nemesis a heartfelt send-off. “Watch @ramonasinger #pivet #pivet she wants an invitation,” she tweeted, accusing the Singer Stinger of only being nice because she wanted to score an invite to Tinsley‘s wedding. (Bear in mind, Dorinda seems to be misspelling the word “pivot” in the tweet and most that follow.)


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The next thing that set Dorinda off was the scene planning Ramona‘s birthday party. Naturally, this involved the OG dragging her and Sonja Morgan out to a warehouse on Long Island for a front row seat to the Ramona Show. (“@SonjatMorgan @ramonasinger a fly by turned into a 5 hour trip! What a joke,” she wrote of the trek to Bethpage.)

First, the soon-to-be birthday girl shot down all of her cast mates’ ideas and suggestions. Then she refused to include Sonja‘s birthday in the planning. Generally, she made it all about her in classic Ramona fashion. Then, she forced the ‘Wives to pose for a social media picture with the owner before leaving. (Via confessional, Dorinda pointed out that the entire scene felt like one big promo for event planner Larry Scott’s business and honestly? She wasn’t wrong.)


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“@ramonasinger looks after ONLY ONE PERSON @ramonasinger,” she wrote watching the scene, followed by, “Let’s watch @ramonasinger [pivot] she is not a girls girl she’s an opportunist #WATCH.”

In her confessional, Ramona claimed her pals were just jealous because she has more friends. Spoiler: that seemed to strike yet another nerve in Dorinda. “We don’t gather people we have friends! Real friends @ramonasinger,” the RHONY vet fired off when Ramona bragged about inviting her 60 closest girlfriends to the party.


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Another jab Dorinda threw at Ramona while live-tweeting? “True @ramonasinger ‘dumb dumb dumb’ let’s watch the [pivot] to covet herself! #bully.” And don’t forget the air quotes in the following: “[Pivot] ‘my friend’ @ramonasinger You did exactly who you are.”

I think Dorinda‘s anger towards Ramona can all be summed up in one final tweet. “Thank you for your support you truly showed who you are @ramonasinger #exactly [#pivot].” Hmm…who thinks the word “pivot” is going to be thrown around like wildfire at the reunion?


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