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Kathryn Dennis Goes Public With Her New Man

Well Kathryn Dennis is never at a loss for stirring things up, I’ll give her that. The Southern Charm star has been embroiled in drama from the gate. It made for some Dynasty-level dramatics. Of course she couldn’t have done it without the aid of, Thomas Ravenel. Drugs? Duh. Rehab? Of course! Arrested baby daddy with a sexual harassment charge? Naturally! The only thing we were missing was a rogue kidnapping to a tropical island by a jilted lover. But there’s always next season. Ultimately Kathryn addressed her issues and began her journey to kind-of sobriety, along with being a more responsible parent.

But Kathryn is gonna Kathryn. In May of this year, she got involved in a racist scandal. Her tone deaf and irresponsible actions put even more of a damper on her already shaky reputation. Kathryn has since apologized and promised to “work on herself”. Which sounds vaguely familiar for some reason… Recently, T-Rav’s ex-one night stand girlfriend gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Obviously, this seems like an ideal time to tease the public with a possible new man. In the absence of scandal, Kathryn is still stirring it up.

The streets are saying Kathryn might have a new romantic interest. But it could be just a photo, and by “photo” I mean, a desperate case of, LOOKATMELOOKATMEitis. Sadly, there is no known cure for this disease, but it is highly contagious among the dying-to-be-relevant clique. While I want to believe this display of friendship and affection is genuine, my shade senses are on high alert.

The Blast shared snaps of work-in-progress Kathryn getting close with a male friend. Kathryn attended birthday festivities with a buddy and naturally pics popped up on social media. She was chilling between a man’s legs and the guy appears to be kissing her on the head.


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But wait, there’s more! This is my favorite part, please move towards the closest fainting couch. The man in the photos is a former college football player. His name is… wait for it… Chleb Ravenell. HIS LAST NAME IS RAVENELL, I CANNOT! Honestly, this might be the gift that keeps on giving.


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One might wonder what Thomas will make of this new information. Surely he is too busy with his new baby to worry about who Kathryn is dating. Right? You never know, Cupid’s arrow could have finally tagged Kathryn, this might be her happily ever after. That said, ‘ol Kath could wind up with those monogrammed Ravenel(l) tea towels after all.


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[Photo Credit: Instagram]