Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute Apologize For Calling The Cops On Faith Stowers In 2018

In 2018, Stassi Schroeder revealed that she and Kristen Doute called the cops on Faith Stowers. Stassi accused Faith of stealing and drugging men. Kristen shared security camera footage of someone who looked like Faith, without any actual confirmation that the person was actually Faith.

Faith recalled the incident recently in the middle of a Black Lives Matter conversation. As a result, all of the brands that sponsored Stassi and her podcast have dropped her. Now, Kristen and Stassi are apologizing for what they did.

Stassi posted, “Racially insensitive comments from my past have resurfaced. It is important that I continue to take accountability for what I have said and done, while pushing myself to do better. I have significantly from the person I was then, and I am still filled with remorse and regret for the hurt I caused. I am grateful for the people in my life that continue to check me and push me to evolve into a more educated person.”

Stassi continued, “I also want to address my former castmate, Faith Stowers. My emotions about something that happened between my friends outweighed my logic, and there is no excuse for that.”


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She admitted, “I did not recognize then the serious ramifications that could have transpired because of my actions. What I did to Faith was wrong. I apologize and I do not expect forgiveness. I am also sorry to anyone else that feels disappointed in me.”

Stassi concluded, “I am going to continue to look closer at myself and my actions- to take time to listen, to learn, and to take responsibility for my own privilege.”


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Kristen wrote, “I am taking some time to really process what I’ve been seeing, feeling and learning. And I need to address something specifically that happened a few years ago with my former castmate, Faith Stowers.”

She continued, “Although, my actions were not racially driven, I am now completely aware of how my privilege blinded me from the reality of law enforcement’s treatment of the black community, and how dangerous my actions could have been to her. It was never my intention to add to the injustice and imbalance.”


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Kristen concluded, “I’m ashamed, embarrassed, and incredibly sorry. I will do better. I have to do better.”

I just want to know if they reached out to Faith directly in addition to their public apologies.


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