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Monique Samuels Files Complaint Against Candiace Dillard As Real Housewives Of Potomac Legal Drama Escalates!

Ready for more Real Housewives of Potomac: We’re Going To Court And Talking About It! news? Guys and gals, it’s time to play The Feud! Candiace Dillard, you’re up, honey. Fans might be aware that Candiace and co-star Monique Samuels who you don’t want to start with were recently involved in a physical altercation. The incident occurred at an event filmed for RHOP’s 5th season on October 16.

Reports came out that Monique pulled an unprovoked Caveman Special on Candiace and finally dragged her across the floor by her hair. In Monique’s defense, Candy had been previously well-warned to watch her step. After marinating in anger for a couple of weeks, Candiace decided to throw a case at Monique. The mom of three was charged with second-degree assault. Now Monique is responding with a legal dispute of her own. It might be time to pop the popcorn, this could get good.

I know we all feel that violence is never the answer to a problem. But sometimes I guess the urge to engage in harmful, aggressive activity is unavoidable. Monique and Candiace used to be friends, but last season their relationship was on a respirator. Now it’s receiving the last rites. Last week, Candiace filed a complaint against Monique that alleged she was the victim of being punched and having her hair yanked. Monique would now like to have a word.

According to Bethesda Magazine, Monique has filed her own case against Candy for, wait for it, second-degree assault. One of Monique’s lawyers claimed Candiace hit Monique in the face with a wine glass. Damn, not the face! The attorney, Trey Poole, said, “All the events that Ms. Bassett had claimed [happened] in the initial encounter started when she [Monique] was hit with a wine glass, and then my client defended herself.”

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While talking about it, Monique’s lawyer said he couldn’t talk about it. But he did offer this, “We believe we have the more meritorious case and I’m looking forward to our day in court.” Oh man, I bet Chris Bassett is PISSED. Candiace’s complaint was originally supposed to be addressed on December 23. Court records currently reflect a new date of February 6. While Monique does not have a date for her case, her attorney advised they could possibly be resolved simultaneously.

Candiace’s lawyer then had a meltdown said this, “Clearly, this is a strategic move with no merit. It is factless, it is without merit and it is a waste of the prosecutors’ time.” Why so sad, Mr. Lawyer? He also stated, “If you are innocent, innocent people don’t file counter-claims.” Um, I’m pretty sure they do if their face is bleeding. ALLEGEDLY bleeding.

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Candiace’s attorney also said because the WWE match was caught on camera, it will be easy to see who is at fault. In a concluding statement from the lawyer, we know Candiace’s camp will be seeking jail time for Monique. I wonder if Candiace will go for legal costs as well, seeing as she doesn’t have that NFL money like Monique…

Well, this is quite a mystery! While we wait to see if Han shot first, I seriously doubt Monique is huddled in a corner preparing for the Spring/Summer 2020 Incarcerated Jumpsuit collection to come out. It will be very interesting to see if Candiace’s mama will have to pay for her mouth. Again.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]