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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Monique Samuels Released A Rap Song

Welcome to my press conference with absolutely zero press. I’m here to announce a few things, and don’t worry, none are printed on the back of my t-shirt. First of all, after a Coronavirus delay, our Real Housewives of Potomac ladies are set to come back for Season 5 the first week of August. Taglines are here people! I’m about to build an entire champagne room to celebrate. This franchise is an absolute gift. If you’ve been sleeping on this one, it’s time for a binge. Trust me.

This season viewers will be welcoming Dr. Wendy Osefo to the cast. Apparently Bravo thought she would bring a nice work ethic due to the fact that she’s a political commentator and professor. I’m looking forward to watching her mix it up with either Candiace Dillard or Monique Samuels. You can’t stay neutral on these two! Both women have filed second degree assault charges on the other. These claims were made after a dinner party during the filming. All for this new season! Apparently, the charges were dropped. And what’s the next thing you do after being dismissed from a crime? Drop a rap song! Of course!

Monique dropped the beat and dished on the track with E! News. She shared, “It was a lot that happened last season and this is pretty much me just reclaiming my power back and reminding myself of who I am, and although, you know, I’m not perfect never claimed to be.”

The mom of three continued, “I just needed a way to reassure myself that, you know, everything will be fine. And then this song was kind of my way of just letting everything go, getting everything that I felt off of my chest.” Monique also calls her new song, “just fun, uplifting [and] a little shady.”


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Her song, titled ‘Drag Queens’ includes lyrics like “Be careful what you wish, don’t you dare hun, try the one, see the message wasn’t clear, hun.” Is that a line to Candiace? Who famously screamed at pregnant Monique to “drag her” in Season 4? (Seriously, you need to watch this franchise if you aren’t already).

That was my first thought, but Monique said her co-stars will “probably just listen to the hook, which is, you know, drag queens don’t play, you know, probably just relate that to the whole line last year when I said, ‘I’ll drag you pregnant…But if you listen to the whole song, you’ll see that it’s much more than just a play off of those words. But I am saying you know I came to work, I came to slay. That’s my mindset whenever I’m filming, or just in general.”


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The song also includes this friendly message, “Give you what you ask for cause I care, hun.” and “I was born ready but I’m never done. Try on 10 looks just to find the right one.” Such a not-for-lazy-moms lines. Will essential oils get a shout out on the EP?

When talking about her start Monique says, “I started writing poetry when I was in like fifth grade. And then when I was in high school, a friend of mine said you know what you should take these poems and make them into songs, like you should rap songs…And I was like, ok I’ll try it and my love of music developed back then, and I was pursuing a career in the music industry after I left college. And so it’s always been a part of me.” She’s seriously so wholesome. I love her to bits and almost believe she can do no wrong. Then I remember the post- lunchtime drinks car accident from a few seasons back.


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With her new baby, a pandemic, and the 40 other shit storms happening in this world, it’s shocking she found time for this. Monique revealed,”It has really helped me during this time. It’s been a great stress reliever.” Good for her! Rap on momma! She even ran the song by transgender Beyoncé impersonator Riley Knoxx to make she “wouldn’t be like stepping on any toes or coming off the way that is, you know, negative.” Monique shares that Riley “absolutely loved [the song].”

Fans replied to Monique’s song on twitter saying “Oh lord, another singing housewife.” Monique replied with a short but sweet, “I’m not singing.” Take a listen here and see what you think. Do we have our next Erika Jayne or Kandi Burruss? Or is this more of a Kim ZolciakJo De La Rosa, or Melissa Gorga moment?


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