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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Ashley Darby’s Husband Michael Allegedly Caught Cheating In Undercover Video

Are you excited for the new season of Real Housewives of Potomac? The ladies have some drama coming in the form of public wig-dragging, ALLEGEDLY, combined with their volatile existing dynamic. Ahead of the premier, some interesting and not entirely unexpected turmoil is ramping up for Ashley Darby. Ashley is the wife of Michael Darby and new mom to a baby boy. Though she navigated some questionable behavior from her husband in the past, it looks like she’s about to go through it again. Shocker.

Michael has had some previous controversial situations. In 2018 he was accused of sexual assault, following groping accusations by a Bravo cameraman. Ultimately those charges were dropped but Michael’s image didn’t exactly recover. Rumors of past infidelities have haunted him, especially since the nature of his supposed dalliances may or may not have been with another man. Well look out because some new info has popped up and it isn’t particularly flattering. While Ashley has gotten an overwhelming amount of practice defending Michael’s antics in the past, this time we have…video.

Thanks to the Rona, fans have to wait a little bit longer for RHOP. Unfortunately for Ashley, troubles are looming over her head in front of the season and it will be interesting to see if she is still Team Michael and hasn’t drifted on over to Team Child Support.

According to MTO News, Michael ALLEGEDLY tip-toed outside the boundaries of his marriage and it’s been caught on video. The first clip has a man with startling resemblance to Michael, face down on a bed, requesting a spanking. Someone has indeed been a very naughty boy. It’s possible he’s about to get spanked by a judge with his wallet if it turns out to be Ashley’s husband. It definitely looks like Michael and the unidentified female recording definitely does not sound like Ashley. If you’re keeping score at home, yes, I said “unidentified female” in the video.


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The couple have a brief discussion over who has the safer house to visit to carry on their afternoon delight. I think I just threw up a little bit. You may be wondering how this man did not notice he was being taped. I have to assume our mystery side-piece is knowledgeable in the get-that-money game because it seems like she could have appeared casually scrolling for recipes on her phone, when she was actually preparing for blackmail catching something else entirely.

Then the video pops into a restaurant setting and from another view, we see either Michael or his doppleganger having drinks with another woman. Obviously less scandalous than the spank me Mommy hotel scene before, but this dude is pretty much up the creek. ALLEGEDLY. If it looks like a kangaroo and hops like a kangaroo, you got yourself a kangaroo. Ashley has not commented on the video yet, but this won’t go away quietly.


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While Ashley’s husband has caused upset before, this seems par for the course. Gizelle Bryant has supposedly reunited with her unfaithful ex-husband, a pastor. Robin Dixon is recently engaged to her unfaithful ex-husband. And nobody really knows if Karen Huger’s husband is an actual human being or a really advanced android. Thankfully this crew makes my current relationship with my couch and pasta salad seem perfectly normal.

It remains to be seen if Michael will go down for his latest ALLEGED indiscretion and if Ashley will continue to support their relationship. One thing is for sure, Michael should be VERY careful about people using their phones in front of him going forward. That spanking might cost him more than his dignity (hahahahahaha). He might lose his wife and a percentage of his net income for the next 18 years. Stay tuned.


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