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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Ashley Darby Says Marriage Is A “Work In Progress” After Michael Darby Cheating Allegations

After a three month delay, we can finally catch up with Real Housewives of Potomac! Soon we will discover if Monique Samuels and her parrot physically cleaned the floor with Candiace Dillard, or vice versa. But first we need an update on Ashley Darby and the state of her contract marriage. This isn’t Michael Darby’s first time in the hot seat, because touching seats is what he does best, ALLEGEDLY.

For several seasons, speculations about Michael’s extra-curricular activities have been on the minds and in the mouths of the cast. In 2018, Michael was suspended from filming RHOP after he was accused of man-handling a member of Bravo production. Charges were eventually dropped, but stigma is harder to shed than Robin Dixon’s hope of getting married again. If that wasn’t enough, a kind-hearted individual seemingly recorded Michael on a romantic date. Unfortunately the date wasn’t with his wife, and the setting was a hotel. Now Ashley shares where she and Michael are with their relationship, after navigating the trials and tribulations of suspected infidelity. Again.

Ashley and Michael are the proud new parents of baby Dean. Little Dean has about 13 years of peace and quiet until he discovers THE INTERNET. Until then, his mom and dad will likely parade their personal issues on television for him to discover and review in future therapy sessions. This season is no different.

According to E! News, Ashley will be reliving a very unhappy time in her life, thanks to the reality show she signed up for. When the RHOP trailer was released, fans saw Ashley’s marriage once again targeted. The clip showed Candiace reading from her phone, “He [Michael] was in the room with several strippers”, she said. A text message also apparently says, “He was asking who he could take to a hotel nearby.”


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We then see an emotional Michael telling Ashley, “We ended up going back to a hotel.” Ooooooo, gurl. Obviously we don’t have the whole story, but a video was released and it definitely put Michael in a very suspicious position, pun intended. Ashley has mentioned that she was not in a great place mentally after having her son, and could have been suffering from depression. She said, “My relationship went through, it was a difficult time after having Dean.” For many women, bags would have been packed after hearing the word “hotel”, but A$hley was determined to get over the hurdle.

“The way that our relationship looked changed and we had a major speed bump. And what Michael and I committed to do is to work through issues in our marriage and even though that’s not something that either of us is looking forward to reliving and seeing again, it was the reality of our relationship at the time. So it’s going to be rough but it’s true, “Ashley confessed. Michael might be committed to something, but I’m not entirely sure it’s to his marriage. That said, it also looks like he’s not ready to commit to child support or alimony.


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Ashley calls her holy matrimony a “work in progress”. “You’re always compromising and working th$rough things and as your lives change, which they inevitably do, so does the look of your marriage. So we are steadily working and have worked every day to find out and work to make it look and be healthy for us and for our child. So yes, we are in a better place,” she revealed.


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Compromise is great, but ‘ol Michael finds himself in a lot of compromising positions. And the “look of your marriage” will be shrouded in sketchiness when your husband can’t keep his pants zipped or his hands off other people’s asses. ALLEGEDLY. Seems like another season of Ashley battling Michael’s overly friendly personality again, good thing she’s already thinking about baby number two

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