Love After Lockup Recap: Roses On The Bed

On last week’s episode of Love After Lockup, Shawn found himself in quite the pickle. How he thought he could keep his age and number of kids from Destinie is mind boggling. Every season people on this show try to keep these big secrets. It almost never works out for these people. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. What happened to honesty? It might be a boring show if everyone was upfront though.

Also last week, Scott was in for a big surprise. Lindsey never got off her plane as expected. Is she conning him? IS she still in prison? Did she flee once she got out? There are so many unanswered questions about her. One thing that’s for sure is Scott is looking like a fool. This woman doesn’t love you. However, he does deserve some answers. Let’s hope he gets them in this episode of Love After Lockup.

Jessica & Maurice

Jessica Love After Lockup

Maurice is finally getting to see his daughter after so long away from her. Choosing his life of crime is the biggest regret of his life. Jessica has a good relationship with his daughter, but she doesn’t know his baby mama very well. Hopefully they get along because baby mama drama sounds like such an unpleasant time.

Maurice and his daughter are both beaming after finally being reunited. I couldn’t imagine being locked away from my loved ones and forced to watch my child grow up without me. Just awful.

Maurice’s ex doesn’t think a relationship with Jessica is going to work out. She’s surprised that he’s with a white woman and finds her a little too quiet. Jessica is entirely left out of the conversation. He’s laughing and talking to this entire family but ignoring her. Jessica freaks out in the car about the way she was treated by him inside, but Maurice wants her to understand the dynamics.


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How uncomfortable must that have been for her though? She’s forced to sit in the corner with a group of unknowns. This marriage is already hitting big hurdles, and he’s barely out of prison. This isn’t going to last.

Maurice’s cousin is nice enough to offer them a place to stay while they’re stuck in California. The feelings of isolation are growing for Jessica. It’s getting worse for her. There’s no privacy, and her anxiety is sky high. Maurice doesn’t seem to even notice the issue.

Maurice is really emotionally affected after seeing ow many of his friends are dead. So many obituaries. So many young lives cut short by senseless violence. Even little kids are victims of gun violence in his old neighborhood. All of this has Jessica petrified. Outside, someone makes a gun motion at Maurice because of his past gang affiliation.

Scott & Lindsey

Scott Love After Lockup

Scott’s still desperately searching for Lindsey with no luck. Her poor daughter cried for hours because her mother let her down. She’s still nowhere to be found. There’s no word yet as to why she never got on the plane.


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After a whole lot of phone tag, they finally get some answers. Lindsey is still in prison. The prison keeps telling Scott and her mother that the information they want isn’t for the public. Her family is stuck in the dark. They have zero way of knowing the reason for her release being delayed.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Shavel Love After Lockup

As of now, Quaylon has no idea both his girl and his mom know the game he’s been playing. Telling Shavel he would be with her and telling his mom he’d be with her is about to bite him in the ass. The one plus about his release is he doesn’t have probation or parole to contend with. He is FREE FREE.

Quaylon says he’s ready to go home, but where will that home be? No matter what choice he makes, one of these women in his life are going to be heartbroken. It’s not an envious position to be in.

Quaylon’s mother finally addresses the elephant in the room and asks about his plan for the future. He needs to understand where his mother is coming from. His mom would prefer for him to be close to her, but she isn’t putting up a big fight.


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Shavel and Quaylon both shut his mom down about her plan for him to go to Houston. They aren’t factoring in any of her feelings. It’s a little harsh. Ultimately though, it is Quaylon’s choice to make. He controls the trajectory of his future.

Shavel has a romantic night planned for Quaylon, but his mom’s presence threatens her idea. Shavel has a car called to take his mother to a friends house, so they can get intimate. That’s a little rude. She just forced her out like that. Shavel’s being a little bit dismissive of his mother’s feelings. His mother isn’t giving up the fight. She is going to do whatever it takes to get him out of Kansas City.

Shawn & Destinie

Shawn Destinie Love After Lockup

Shawn keeping his age and number of children from Destinie is a massive red flag. Sketchy AF. Destinie is confused about why Shawn would lie about his kids. Same here. I know six is a big number, but don’t hide that.

Destinie asks Shawn how long it’s been since he was with his ex, and he lies. He cites Destinie’s history of jealousy for his reason to lie yet again. She doesn’t buy his story, but she’s also being a massive hypocrite. Destinie herself is keeping multiple secrets from Shawn she doesn’t ever want to share with him. Why does everyone always lie on this damn show?

The age difference has Destinie’s mind blown. She’s willing to put all of that aside, but she finds him to be a big liar. She says he could do anything, even cheat on her, but never lie to her. Lying is a big trigger to her.


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Shawn finds Destinie to be quite an enigma. One minute she is one way, and the next she is different. They’re ready to finally have a wild night in bed. He says Destinie wants to tie him up and have him give it to her as hard as possible. Oh okay.

One of Destinie’s secrets is that she was sexually involved with many women in prison. There’s nothing wrong with that, but she plans on continuing that outside of prison despite her commuted relationship. To make matters worse, she has no plans on ever telling Shawn her plans to cheat on him. That’s a problem.

The sex exceeded Destinie’s expectations. Maybe this will make up for all of the lies Shawn has told her. Their moment of bliss comes to a halt when he confronts her about her drinking. She assures him she has no plans on missing her court date. It’s easy to say that. However, she has a history of being a runner.

For me, Shawn absolutely has a say here. He has a lot of money at stake here. Hell, if it weren’t for Shawn putting up the money, she wouldn’t even be out right now. She needs to understand and respect that.

Tyrice & Chanda

Tyrice Love After Lockup

Tyrice really irritates me. There’s really not much about him that I like. I hate the way he speaks about Chanda too. I’m sure there is more to her than her “fat ass”. Does this man have any depth? Asking for a friend.


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It’s Chanda’s release day, and Tyrice scatters roses everywhere in the hotel room. He’s more than ready to finally have sex with her. They have four hours together, and it’s obvious how they plan to spend it. He’s also wearing the most ridiculous and over the top blue suit while waiting for her. He’s ACTUALLY too much.

A producer asks Tyrice if it’s possible Chanda might be ditching him. He’s been waiting a long time for her, but she’s totally MIA. He’s naive at this point. It’s a significant delay. She’s not coming bro! Sorry!


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