Love After Lockup Recap: Liar Liar

The Love After Lockup inmates and their partners are giving us an explosive season already. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode we were left with a cliffhanger of whether or not Lindsey was really going to show up at the airport. Scott is delusional if he thinks this woman isn’t conning him. The writing is on the wall that he is being played to the max, but he refuses to see it. If she doesn’t show up at the airport, that should tell him everything.

On the mysterious side of things, Shawn is keeping some mystery secret from Destinie. It’s something so bad that it could destroy them before they even start their life together. Secrets always blow up in your face. This is something Shawn is poised to learn the hard way. These couples have a lot going on this season, and they’re more dysfunctional than ever before. Thank you WE for giving us the guilty pleasure chaos we love.

Jessica & Maurice

Maurice Love After Lockup

Maurice plans on making a case to his parole officer as to why Las Vegas should be his new home. I don’t see why they wouldn’t accommodate this. Jessica appears to be stable and they’re married, so just let the guy transfer. He served his time. Why would you want to keep him separated from his family?

He gets emotionally discussing his daughter growing up with him in prison. Maurice also laments how awful it was to see people his age have their names appear in the obituary session. Maurice is self-aware, and that’s a good thing. He knows how easily that could’ve been him six feet under by now.


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Overall, Maurice seems to have a good head on his shoulders. That’ll treat him well on the outside. He looks like he’ll have a drive to succeed and turn his life around.

Unfortunately, his parole officer says he cannot leave California for Vegas. He’s trapped for at least two months. What a devastating blow to his life. This is the type of setback that could send someone spiraling back to their old ways. I hate to say it, but it feels like the system purposely sets released inmates up for failure.

John & Kristianna

Kristianna Love After Lockup

Kristianna hasn’t even had time to process the engagement let alone the wedding. She clearly doesn’t want to do this. She finds John caring and free-willed, but does that really make him marriage material It’s only been three months for crying out loud since they met!

Ultimately she decides to go through with the wedding despite knowing nothing about Native American culture. I think it’d be a little odd to do a ceremony in a religion you’ve never experienced. How uncomfortable must that be?

The two exchange vows and seal it with a kiss. That’s cute and all, but this pressing issue here is the ticking clock. They have a very limited amount of time to get her to the halfway house. Kristianna has a history of failing her parole which makes this even worse. Her new life of freedom might be over before it gets started.


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John is pushing his truck to the limit right now trying to get her to the halfway house. She’s going to be late. There’s no getting around that. John really screwed up here and put his new wife in a vulnerable position.

She calls her mother on the way to tell her about the impromptu marriage. Her mom sounds less than enthused. I’m not sure what reaction Kristianna was looking for. The worst case scenario is her getting sent packing right back to prison. What a short-lived release! They arrive about 30 minutes late, and the future is uncertain.

Scott & Lindsey

Scott Love After Lockup

Scott has the red carpet rolled out for Lindsey upon her release, but she’s nowhere to be found. He’s looking like a total dummy right now waiting for her. What kind of game is she playing? There’s been something off with her from the start. She doesn’t give two s**ts about this man.

It would be a shame if she’s playing him because he’s already purchased a home for them and everything. Lindsey where are you? Is she even really getting released? This seems like major mind games to me. He’s completely suckered into this con. SO DEEP.

Scott struggles to come up with a way to explain Lindsey’s absence at the airport. Despite a highly detailed itinerary, Lindsey is MIA. Scott doesn’t seem as surprised as you’d expect him to be with Lindsey being a no show. You think he’d be a little more dumbfounded at his girlfriend not getting on the plane.


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Finally, Scott makes a call to look into why Lindsey didn’t arrive. At this point, he has to wait until the following day to get more information. I feel bad for the steak right now. It’s probably so cold at this point. What a waste. AND THE TACOS. AND THE CAKE. So much wasted food.

Scott telling Lindsey’s daughter that she wasn’t coming home was so sad to watch. All this little girl wants is her mother to be a present presence in her life. What a f***ing joke. How could someone do that to their own child? That’s twisted.

The limo driver expresses concern that the relationship isn’t as real as Scott believes. There’s a very real possibility at this point that she’s just using him for money. WAKE UP, DUDE.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Shavel Love After Lockup

The level of excitement Shavel & Qualyon’s mother have seeing him for the first time is so heartwarming. There is something so pure about the love their feeling being reunited with him. Well technically this is the first time for him and Shavel, but still. They’re exuding nothing but pure unadulterated joy.

The pair seem to almost be in a state of disbelief at seeing him on the outside. Quaylon is so grateful to have these two women in his life. I’m not sure how grateful he’s going to be when they finally confront him. He has no idea that they’re on to him and his little lies. He’s going to have to make a choice, and one of them is going to be devastated.


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They’ve waited so long for this moment that hopefully, they can bask in the happiness before the drama. That conversation needs to take place, but maybe not immediately. We’ll see how long it takes for the topic to rear its ugly head.

Shavel says trust is important in her relationship, so she needs to know the truth. She needs to know where Quaylon sees his future. She needs to know if he’s going to build a life with her or head out of state with his mother. I have a gut feeling that Shavel isn’t going to like the answer to that question.

Shawn & Destinie

Shawn Love After Lockup

I’m still flabbergasted Destinie is a real person. She doesn’t even seem terrible either. If anything, Shawn is the sketchy one at this point by withholding some dark secret from her. I wish he’d just say it already. The wait is killing me.


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As of now, Destinie doesn’t believe Shawn has any negative qualities. I wonder if she’ll retain the same opinion once she learns whatever he’s hiding from her. Secrets are a relationship killer. They’re about to meet her family, and this is NOT the right place to spill this secret. He is opening himself up to magnified backlash if he does.

Destinie’s mom gets emotional talking about the time she lost with her daughter. They hadn’t been speaking for the longest time, so this is a rebuilding phase for them. This could be the time for healing that they need. However, all of that could change if her family doesn’t vibe with Shawn.

Her mother is wary of Shawn and doesn’t think he will be conducive to a positive environment for her. Destinie leaves the table, and her mother asks some hard-hitting questions. He tells her he has six kids, and you could see her red flag sense going off right away. She thought he only had two! Could that be the big secret he’s been keeping from Destinie?

Her mom thinks the relationship is moving way too quick. She doesn’t think Shawn will be able to handle Destinie. A big issue arising is Destinie not wanting to settle down. That’s not really an option when you’re with someone that has six kids. Children need stability in their lives. That’s not something Destinie can provide apparently.

Destinie gets blindsided at the lunch when she learns Shawn is ten years older than he told her. She asks how many kids he has. Here we go!

Tyrice & Chanda

Tyrice Love After Lockup

Tyrice hasn’t been entirely forthcoming with his kids about Chanda out of fear of them not accepting. So many of these people on this show have the exact same fear. Almost always, the people in their lives DO freak out, and it’s usually justified.

His kids are not having a good reaction to the news about Chanda at all. The overall consensus is that Chanda is probably using him. Given his wealth and the age difference, it’s not an unusual conclusion to come to. We’ll find out soon enough!

Chanda is the same age as Tyrice’s son. How awkward must that be for his kids? His son starts yelling about the age difference and the idea that she’s a gold digger. Combining all of those factors with the prison situation, and you have a recipe that could tear this family apart.

LITERALLY ALL HE TALKS ABOUT IS CHANDA’S ASS. That’s it. We get it. She has a fat ass that you love. Is there anything of substance to her at all besides that? I can’t wait to see her and have a bit more to go on. Also, her ass better be amazing because the bar is high right now after all this hype.


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