Garcelle Beauvais Denies Using Kyle Richards For A Storyline; Wants To Sit Down With Kyle One On One To Hash Things Out

There is no love lost between Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards. Unlike the other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members who bow at Kyle’s feet, Garcelle just isn’t gonna kiss the ring.

Some fans applaud Garcelle for standing her ground. However, other viewers, and Kyle, think that Garcelle just used her for a storyline. But, at least Garcelle is bringing some issues of her own to the table, unlike the rest of the cast who just deflect and focus on other people’s problems.

Garcelle dished on her issues with Kyle during a recent interview with Jenny McCarthy. Jenny said, “What about Kyle? I, there was, um, someone that on, on social media had mentioned that you know, that you didn’t give Kyle a chance and Kyle somewhat kind of agreed in the response. Do you feel like you gave her a chance or did you go in side-eyeing knowing she’s going to be a piece?”

However, Garcelle insisted, “I gave everybody a chance.” She went on to explain, “I just came in and gave, you know, was me. Right. And my thing with Kyle is when there was an important topic, when she called us all ‘fake ass bitches’, I was like, ‘what have I done? Tell me.’ And she’s like, ‘no, I don’t want to tell you.’ And I think that that’s when it’s important to hear for her to hear my voice, I felt like she did not hear my voice or care to hear what I was saying. So that’s where I was coming from.”


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Still, Garcelle did have some nice things to say about Kyle, remarking, “I think she’s funny. I think she’s, you know, she was nice. My kids keep raving about her enchiladas that she gave them….”

However, Kyle’s enchiladas aren’t enough to earn a social media follow from Garcelle. She told Jenny, “I follow people who I want to see thrive. I want to see what they’re doing. I want to see their journey and I have to like [them].” So, she doesn’t want to see Kyle thrive? Interesting choice fo words there.


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Jenny asked Garcelle, “So what would it take to have you follow her again?” That’s when Garcelle demonstrated (yet again) why she got that diamond, saying, “We need to have a one-on-one sit down and air out everything.” And I read that as a guarantee that this scene will be filmed and I am so here for it.

Jenny told Garcelle, “Is there, is there a history besides this [tension] or is the, um, because she, someone had also said that you were using this as a storyline for your own purpose, which I don’t agree with this.”


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Garcelle responded, “You’re asking me this question because it’s really important. I think we’re all in this together in terms of the journey of the show. No one goes in going, ‘this is going to be my storyline. This is going to be my storyline.'”

Oh, girl, I adore you, but that is incredibly naive. So many reality stars plan their storylines in advance, but Garcelle said, “I mean, if that were the case, then Kyle used Denise [Richards] for a storyline. Do you know what I mean?” Ah, the innocence. Kyle definitely used Denise for a storyline, along with everyone else on the show.


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However, Garcelle insisted, “There’s no, you don’t plot out a storyline. You go and you hang out with people. You may like them. You may not like them. They might be a disagreement, but there’s no such thing as I’m creating a storyline because we all go in it with a blank slate. So I’m told, that’s what I did.”


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Well, Garcelle is, clearly, a lot less calculated than the rest of these women.


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