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Kyle Richards Responds To Garcelle Beauvais’ Comments About Not Being Invited To Hang After Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion; “Why Would She Want To Be Invited To My Home?”

Recently, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville spilled her guts to Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp about what Denise Richards had been saying behind their backs. She also confided that she and Denise slept together.

The problem was that Brandi was  allegedly told that Denise, and her husband, Aaron Phypers had a special arrangement in their marriage. They don’t.  And Denise denied that the hook up happened. The other problem is Brandi said this on camera in front of Teddi, Kyle, and Kyle’s sister, Kim Richards.

And of course, all of this came out right before Lisa Rinna’s RHOBH trip to Rome. In Rome, Teddi and Kyle confronted Denise at a group dinner. Finally, Teddi mentioned the sexual encounter.

Denise started to break down and tried to shut down production by saying “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.” It didn’t work. So now everyone is dealing with all of this messiness during the rest of this season.


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Season 10 newbies Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke survived their first reunion! But it was a lottoofab is reporting that Garcelle and Sutton discussed the reunion during an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

Garcelle stated that she was “exhausted” after the reunion. “I was drained, I was shocked. It was a lot, it took me two days to shake it,” the actress shared. Sutton was also overwhelmed by the reunion.


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Garcelle mentioned that she and Sutton were excluded from the “impromptu get together after the reunion.” Dorit Kemsley, Lisa, Kyle, and Erika Jayne hung out after the reunion. Teddi  even stepped out of her father’s shadow to attend!

Sutton said they were, “#NotInvited.” Ouch!

Garcelle has made it clear that she didn’t gel at all with RHOBH “OG” Kyle. She also said that Kyle has a big ego. Now that is a shocker, I am sure, to all Beverly Hills Housewives viewers.


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The bravowwhl Instagram page posted, “#RHOBH’s @Garcelle reacts to her co-stars known as the ‘Fox Force Five’ celebrating together after the reunion.” The page also added a video clip of Andy asking Garcelle, “Given how tired you were after the reunion, would you have gone if they invited you? I mean…or was their part of you that was relieved not to be invited?”

“Ummm…yeah, I wouldn’t have gone,” Garcelle replied.” I was exhausted, but also my ex had my kids for the day and I knew he was dropping them off.” She added, “But it would have been nice to be invited. I thought that was mean.” Ouch again.


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Well, never fear– Kyle clapped back from the comments. She posted, “A) In 10 years there has never been a Reunion where everyone gets together after. People split off into groups depending on who is talking still. B) Although I had been nothing but nice to Garcelle she has made it clear she doesn’t like me…so why would she want to be invited to my home?” Kyle said. “C) Does she really think everyone could have gotten together after what went down at the Reunion?” Kyle concluded with a thinking emoji.


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