Vanderpump Rules OG Katie Maloney Says She’s “Not A Bitch”

Few Bravo shows have seen such a fall from grace like Vanderpump Rules. Once the must-watch show of Bravo’s lineup, this past season really jumped the shark. First, we were subjected to a snooze fest of a wedding storyline. Then the firing of Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute at the end of the season really tainted the whole thing.

As for the rest of the cast, fans have long suffered through Katie Maloney sulking on the couch and folding laundry. But at least she’s not involved in the whole mess. Her main storyline for the season was killing her pet lizard. Which I guess in comparison to everything else, is forgivable. But aside from being a cold-blooded lizard-killer, Katie is known as less than enjoyable for fans. I’m obviously putting it nicely.

But in an effort to combat her reputation of being disliked, Katie recently launched a podcast titled You’re Gonna Love Me. Katie has high hopes that in talking incessantly about herself, it will show her in a more human light. That’s the whole concept of the show in case you were wondering.

Katie told Entertainment Tonight“I’m talking from experience of being on the show and getting put into boxes and labeled as certain things that I didn’t feel was truly who I am at the core – I mean, yeah, I do have moments. I can be mean, I can be a bitch, but I’m not a bitch.” Does that clear things up for anyone? Moving on. 


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She continued, “There’s a lot more to me, and I was thinking about how many other people who are in the public eye, on reality TV or just public figures, deal with the same thing.”

Ok, fair enough. At least she has a concept for her podcast, unlike so many other people out there. But if we are being real here, do we need one more podcast from a Bravo star? I guess now that Stassi doesn’t have one, it opens up the market a bit for Katie.


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Katie added, “If we would know them a little more deeper on a personal level, even if it’s just little details of their favorite memories from childhood, or what they were like in high school, I think is really fascinating to me. I wanted this to be really, like, a human experience, just diving a little deeper, opening up your mind and trying to put your opinions and judgments aside. I really love talking to people and getting to know them and challenging my opinions.”


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OK, but where has this Katie been throughout her time on VPR? She hasn’t exactly been a beacon of acceptance with her castmates, especially the new ones. Maybe Katie is growing with age. Maybe Katie is humbled by her friends being fired for being assholes to another member of the cast. Or maybe Katie is just trying to capitalize on a hot market right now. Regardless, I’d like to see Katie start practicing what she preaches. Maybe next season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]