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Kathy Hilton Says She’s “Thinking” About Possibility Of Joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The early years of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revolved around the tension and animosity between Kyle Richards and her sister Kim Richards. Kyle outed Kim as an alcoholic in the back of a limo during the season 1 finale. They also spent that whole first season reminding people that they’re Paris Hilton’s aunts, a fun fact that has lost its luster in recent years. Kyle sided with Lisa Rinna when she threw a glass at Kim during the cast trip in Amsterdam.

Then, Kim and Kathy Hilton took issue with Kyle for producing a failed scripted series based on their family. Kyle has had many ups and downs with both Kim and Kathy over the years. Still, we have seen some small cameo appearances from Kathy throughout the years. Now, there are rumblings that Kathy will join the cast for Season 11.

When a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan made a comment on Instagram about Kathy joining the cast for next season, Kathy cryptically responded with “[you’re] very kind. I am thinking???” according to a screenshot shared by iRealHousewives.

There have been rumors that Kathy was “in talks” to be a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills many times over. So, I’ll never believe it’s true until it’s official.


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Even if Kathy actually did join the cast, it’s hard to predict if she would be joining as a an ally or a foe of Kyle’s. We all know that these sisters have had lots of drama in the past, but they seem to be cool lately. I’m really not here for another Kyle puppet in the group though.

Now that Teddi Mellencamp has been fired, I am very curious about who Kyle will lean on next season. My guess is Dorit Kemsley since The Agency is listing her house. Anything for a listing, right?


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