Kathy Hilton Reportedly In Talks To Join Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills As Series Regular

We’ve been here before, friends. That time of limbo after another season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has mercifully ended. Rumors begin to hum about what fantastic, wealthy female will throw her hat into the ring of fire. Since about 2015, Kathy Hilton’s name has been batted around as a possible Housewife. One thing we can probably all agree on is that this show needs a shake-up. Kathy actually passed on the shot to join the first season of RHOBH and suggested her sister, Kyle Richards instead. Thanks so much, Kathy!

RHOBH viewers already know Kathy is the half-sister Kyle and Kim Richards. Viewers also know Kathy and Kyle’s relationship has been a bit…touchy. If Kyle were to write down a list of her fears, sister Kathy would probably be on the top of that list. Right next to heights and Lisa Vanderpump’s swans. There are a lot of skeletons in that family closet and let me tell you, it’s a walk-in with several floors. So while many fans think the show doesn’t need another Richards/Hilton tie, Kathy might be the one person who can give the people what they want. This could get interesting.

So Big Sis Kathy is in the news again. Kyle must be having quite a week! She has been out on the streets defending ride or die Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s business from being exposed as a harmful diet plan. Now she is reading the news and seeing Kathy’s name thrown in as a potential new Housewife. Kathy’s possible entrance into the abyss really caused a stir in 2019 when a friend of Andy Cohen’s posted a photo with Andy and Kathy to Instagram. The caption said, “Sign on the dotted line… a true diamond.” A very shocked Kyle commented, “OMG!” and then had to wipe her tears with a random The Agency t-shirt and go hide in the closet. Now Bravo is knocking on Kathy’s door for the 738th time, but it looks like she might answer.

According to TMZ, the ball is in Kathy’s court. Producers have allegedly approached Kathy about getting on board. BUT, she won’t hold a diamond. Kathy will be a “friend of” and make regular appearances if she accepts the offer. Sources say she is extremely interested this time around. For those who wish she would be a full-time cast member, it will never happen. Kathy has made a living out of keeping her personal life under the radar, her kids and family make enough noise as it is.


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Kyle has said she would be happy to have another sister on RHOBH. She says Kathy is “super funny” and would be a great addition. I would love to see Kathy and Kyle discuss the dynamics behind Kyle’s failed television show, American Woman. If I’m keeping it real, I would also like a discussion about Mauricio Umansky and Rick Hilton’s (Kathy’s husband) former work relationship. But I mean, could you see Lisa Rinna going up against Kathy? “wHy dId YoU LeT YoUr DaUgHtEr gO To BoArDiNg ScHoOL…”

The tension Kyle has had with Kathy might be interesting to watch. When Kim was on the show, Kyle could hide behind her issues. The substance abuse, the erratic friendships, the unpredictable behavior. What if Kathy popped in and did the same thing to Kyle? What if, when Kyle is trying to talk over someone, Kathy talked louder? Maybe Kathy’s presence would provide what viewers have been missing for two seasons. So remember, if you hear the sound of wailing coming from the general vicinity of Encino, it might be safe to say Kathy accepted the offer.


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[Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Maison de Mode]