Kate Chastain Says Captain Sandy Yawn’s “Hands Were Tied” With Firing Hannah Ferrier On Below Deck Mediterranean

Kate Chastain may be finished on Below Deck, but she is still full of opinions. She’s definitely not shy to give her brutally honest thoughts at all times. This will serve her well on her new series Bravo’s Chat Room. One thing in the Bravo universe that has everyone still buzzing is the sudden firing of Hannah Ferrier. The Below Deck Mediterranean star was let go after prescription medication and drug paraphernalia was found on board this season.

Many fans have taken issue with the way Captain Sandy Yawn handled the situation. It almost bordered on mockery of mental health. However, in Sandy’s eyes, she was just following the rules of yachting. It just happened to be the most convenient thing to ever happen to her. Was firing Hannah in the middle of the season the only way to handle this? Fellow former Chew Stew Kate is finally speaking out on the matter. Brace yourselves!

In an interview with US Weekly, Kate is NOT holding back her thoughts on the abrupt termination. She says, “This decision happened because there was literally no other option.” Give me a break. It didn’t have to go down like that.

How was there no other option? Sandy didn’t even question how Malia White got her hands on the items in the first place. How sketch was that? Who sifts through someone else’s belongings like that? What a major personal privacy violation!


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Kate continued, saying, “Nobody wanted Hannah to go that way. She’s been a great part of the show for so long, but because of certain laws, Sandy’s hands were tied.” EYE ROLL. She enjoyed every second of what went down. Besides, there was no genuine concern for Hannah’s well being.

What ever happened to common courtesy? It came across like Sandy was relishing in the moment because she had a vendetta. She was NEVER decent to Hannah. This indeed was always her end game. Christmas came early for the Captain.


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The way Sandy treated the vape pen, you’d probably think it was heroin. It became clear she just wanted Hannah off the boat and off the show. Sandy didn’t take Hannah’s mental health seriously, and that’s quite a problem. By doing that she’s contributing to the mental health stigma plaguing millions. Way to go.

Kate also said, “I don’t think Hannah will ever go back and I don’t blame her. I’m so happy for her that she’s starting this new chapter of her life. In fact when I heard she had left the season as she did, I said to a friend, ‘She’ll be pregnant six months’. If I placed money on it, I would have won some money.”


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Congrats Kate, you predicted that. I also think she’s spot on by saying Hannah would never return to the show. The way she was treated on her way out was so distasteful. No matter what the laws are, it could have been handled more delicately and with class. Of course, Sandy proved herself incapable of that.

Someone fire Sandy instead because she’s maddening. She’s the actual worst. I don’t think Kate would be Team Sandy if she actually had to deal with her. Her captain isn’t the manipulative micromanager that Sandy can be. That’s enough to send waves of anxiety through anyone. There’s really no big shock that Hannah was taking those meds. Not on that boat at least.


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Kate should focus on her new show, and let Hannah live her life. I don’t see Hannah speaking out all the time about Kate the way Kate does to her. We get it. You have loud brash opinions and have to share them unfiltered at all times. Save it for your chatroom gossip show. Thanks.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]