Kate Chastain slams Luann and Stassi

Kate Chastain, love her or hate her, is an iconic Bravo-lebrity. Before her time on Below Deck she was also a Bravo super-fan! And that is why so many love her. She dishes her real feelings towards all the other Bravo-lebs she meets.

Tragically, Kate is leaving Below Deck. For those  of you who stan, don’t worry, shes got her own new show on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM channel! She’s also teased being back on our screens in the future. For those of you who can’t stand her, it’s been a tough summer, let’s at least enjoy the deep shade she brings, even if it’s off screen.

Kate took to an Instagram live to dish her thoughts on some other controversial Bravo peers. Showbiz CheatSheet spilled all Kate’s thoughts on Luann de Lessepsand Stassi Schroeder. She started off with, “I was on Watch What Happens Livewith Luann and we were 60 seconds, 30 seconds until going live. And Andy being the great host that he is said, ‘Oh Luann you just got the yacht! Kate works on yachts!’”

Kate continued the story, “And [Luann] goes to me, ‘Well, I guess you’re below deck and I’m above deck.’” I mean, can’t Lu have someone hired to surgically remove her foot from that mouth!? Kate then recalled, “And then they were like, ‘And we’re live!’ First of all it was a 130 foot yacht and it was borrowed from a friend for a night.” YIKES!!


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Former chief stew Kate didn’t hold back on other Bravo service staff either. She started with, “Also, Stassi”  and my heart went, dun…dun…DUNNNNNNN

I get we’re all sick of Stassi news. What with her deserved  firing and pathetic attempt at rebounding, what more is there to say? But man, do I love an overdue take down. Kate said, “I went to an event for the Watch What Crappens [podcast] guys at some comedy club in West Hollywood like two years ago.” She adds, “And I was there with a good friend of mine, who actually had done a lot of standup over the last 10 years at that club. She basically had her college graduation there, like this is her living room. And she also works in the reality TV business. But behind the camera so Stassi didn’t know that.”


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Kate remembered meeting people at the club, “My friend and I were having a great time and she’s like, ‘Oh this is the server, he’s worked here for 40 years.” That’s where Stassi comes in. Apparently some rando tapped Kate on the shoulder. Kate shared, “The girl goes, ‘Stassi just texted me and said your friend and you are being too loud…Like a basic stranger tapped me on the shoulder and was like, ‘I just got a text that Stassi would like you guys to stop having so much fun.’”


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Of course, chronically unbothered Kate laughed, “The irony of it is, the friend I was with, this was like her living room. And she kinda has a high ranking role.” Really though, is anyone surprised that Stassi was hella bothered over someone else having a good time without her? Maybe she’s gotten used to it since being rightfully cancelled/held accountable. We can only hope.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]