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Kelly Dodd Calls Out Michael Dodd For Not Spending Time With Their Daughter Again

Real Housewives of Orange County fans know that Kelly Dodd has no problem sharing her opinions publicly, even about (typically) private matters. She recently called out her ex-husband Michael Dodd for not seeing their daughter Jolie Dodd for five months.

Now, she’s calling him out for not seeing her in six months. No one could blame her for being upset if her daughter’s upset, but is making this super public the way to go? She sure thinks so. Hopefully, she ran it by Jolie before she put Michael on blast again.

The fan account realhousewivesfranchise shared Kelly’s recent Instagram Story, which was a screenshot of a text message with Michael. On top of the text message exchange, Kelly wrote, “What kind of father doesn’t want to spend time with his daughter? Hasn’t been with her in 6 [months]. Thank god for Rick Leventhal.”

In the conversation itself, Kelly said to Michael, “Hey Jolie has her last match at the club and I have a party. Can you pick her up from tennis at  3:00? Perhaps take her to dinner.”


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Michael responded, “I can’t today. I’m busy.” It also appears that Kelly has a photo of Adolf Hitler set as Michael’s contact photo, which just screams “amicable co-parenting,” doesn’t it?

Then, Kelly addressed the situation in a subsequent Instagram Story, explaining, “I put Michael on blast because he does nothing with Jolie. He doesn’t want to see her.” That has to be so hard for Jolie, but I can’t imagine that she loves having this play out on social media.


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Kelly revealed, “He’s been taking me to court. I spent another thousands of thousands of dollars on our attorney so we can get all of the loose ends of our divorce finalized and he won’t sign the papers. He just keeps dragging it out and dragging it out and he wants me to not blast him anymore, so if you don’t want me to blast you anymore, just sign the fucking papers.”

She didn’t explain exactly what Michael is “dragging out,” but I’m gonna assume it has something to do with child support or custody of Jolie. For Jolie’s sake, I’m hoping that Michael and Kelly will figure out an amicable co-parenting situation soon. Jolie doesn’t deserve this drama.


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