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Lisa Rinna And Harry Hamlin Hope Amelia Gray Hamlin’s Relationship With Scott Disick Is “Just A Phase”

This whole thing makes my stomach hurt. I hate to go full Mom, but I cannot with Amelia Gray Hamlin and Scott Disick. The daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, has been “dating” Scott since Halloween. Her new (alleged) partner in crime is the older daddy to Kourtney Kardashian’s kids.

Ladies and gentlemen – in this corner, we have Amelia at a youthful 19 years old. Can vote but can’t drink alcohol, legally. In the opposite corner we have Scott, wearing readers on his head, saying “Hello fellow young people!”, and clocking in at a firm 37. Scott can imbibe alcohol, but maybe shouldn’t because, addiction. So Amelia is his… sober coach? While some parents would get one whiff of an older dude creeping on their daughter and offer to riddle his body with bruises, apparently Lisa and Harry Hamlin think this is just a “phase”.

Scott is gaining the reputation for being the pervert starter boyfriend for young women who may or may not have suffered from personal issues at a young age. Fresh from a break-up with Sofia Richie, who Scott also began grooming dating when she was 19-years-old, now he is chilling with Rinna’s kid. If you’re just joining the party, what we have here is a concerning pattern of behavior.

I swear I’m trying not to judge and completely lying right now because I’m so judging. I know love is blind but it is also stupid? Amelia and Scott have been kind of hanging out since they both attended Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party. Since then, they’ve been papped on the ho stroll and have people wondering if they are an item.


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Recently, Scott and Amelia were photographed in Malibu, furthering speculation of a new romance.  Rinna prides herself on not being a micromanaging parent, but if your child has previously suffered from anxiety, anorexia, and is suddenly dating a known Hollywood playboy with a predilection for controlled substances, it might be okay to step in. I mean, Lisa was so concerned about Kim Richards’ sobriety, wouldn’t you think Scott’s would concern her as well?

A family source spoke to E! News and said both Lisa and Harry consider Scott and Amelia’s relationship “just a phase”. A phase or a Hollywood thing? No one is unfamiliar with Rinna’s quest to remain in the public eye for as long as possible. Does Rinna think this is a temporary situation or more of a career push? After all, Rinna has gone from dancing around in Kardashian underwear to her kid hooking up with a Kardashian leftover. Goals, amirite?


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An egg salad sandwich purchased from 7-11 is more reliable than Scott and Amelia’s liaison. Scott has well publicized alcohol and cheating issues. And he has three kids. An eyewitness shared, “They [Scott and Amelia] took a walk and enjoyed the incredible weather. Scott pulled Amelia in close and put his arm around her. Then they had lunch by the beach and were chatting and laughing. They enjoyed the afternoon and sat up on a balcony enjoying the view.” And discussed what? Politics? Global warming? The horror of JoJo Siwa?

The insider shared, “Scott’s having a good time.” I’ll bet he is. “He’s getting to know Amelia and enjoying her company. They are spending a lot of time together but it’s nothing serious.” I shaved my hair once and it was “just a phase” but canoodling with an addict who is 18 years your senior is not a phase, it’s a problem. As a parent, you can’t do anything about one’s fondness for a younger woman, but you can definitely intervene if that younger woman is your kid. Hopefully Lisa and Harry will lay down the LA Law (if you’re old and got that, you’re welcome) and encourage Amelia to make better, healthier choices going forward.


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