Lisa Rinna is caught in the middle

Lisa Rinna Upset With Garcelle Beauvais For Bringing Up Her Daughter’s Eating Disorder On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; “That’s Mom Shaming”

The addition of Garcelle Beauvais to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast has been nothing short of a miracle. I get that this season hasn’t exactly been a comeback, but I’m guessing her bitch flower might bloom in her second year. That is, if Lisa Rinna doesn’t scare her away first. This lady is already telling Garcelle she’ll be targeted if she returns. What the hell? Garcelle has even unfollowed Lisa on social media.

If you watched the most recent episode, you might have sensed the weird vibes between Lisa and Garcelle. Lisa, of course, is too self-involved to have noticed all the non-joyous reactions to her stories of dancing in Instagram. Since seeing the show though, she’s got a different tune.

During a cast dinner this week, the topic of Lisa’s Instagram dancing came up. Specifically, dancing in her underwear. Lisa tells a weird version of this story where she’s not thirsty, just likes her mom, Lois, to see her. Did anyone buy that? The whole time Garcelle’s face was blank and as disinterested as possible. Cut to her confessional where she says something to the effect of “I wouldn’t be dancing like that on Instagram if I had a daughter with body issues.” WOAH! That escalated quickly! And Lisa, of course, is not having it.

Lisa’s reaction to the scene was captured by the Queens of Bravo. Lisa took to her Instagram story to share some tweets she agreed with on the issue. One, from a woman named Crissy, said, “…the only person that comment hurt was Amelia. If Garcelle wants to take a dig @ Rinna it’s fair game. But using the eating disorder to make the dig was a low blow.” Truth. The tweet continued, “Imo it’s so brave of Amelia [Gray Hamlin] to be public abt her anxiety and other mental heath struggles @ that age.”


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The other tweet Lisa shared from someone named Bob read, “I love @GarcelleB but her comment abt @lisarinna'[s] IG & daughter’s eating disorder felt nasty. That’s mom shaming @ its worst. We are already so hard on ourselves. I felt bad for any parent watching whose had to live thru the hell of a child’s eating disorder”

With both of these stories shared Lisa added a simple “Yes Chrissy” or “Same Bob.” Otherwise, Lisa hasn’t really shared much. That is actually so unlike her.


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It’s interesting that Lisa is sharing these tweets wherein people label Garcelle’s comment as “mom-shaming.” She definitely was, and that’s not okay. I’m pretty surprised to hear those words fall out of Garcelle’s mouth. If I was a betting gal I’d put money down that there’s an apology coming either soon or at the reunion for that one. Anyways. Hasn’t Lisa and the majority of this cast been mom-shaming Denise Richards on the flip of the same coin all season?


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The amount of critique related to how, and when, and why, and where that these women have done with regards to how Denise of all people talk about her sex life with her kids has been nothing short of extreme. They even went after her sharing of husband Aaron Phypers on Instagram. Tomato tomahto? Is that why Lisa has been mostly quiet?


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