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Gina Kirschenheiter Thinks That Braunwyn Windham-Burke Should Leave Real Housewives Of Orange County; Says Braunwyn’s Issues “Puts Us In A Really Kind Of Scary Situation”

There is more trouble brewing between Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gina Kirschenheiter and Braunwyn Windham-Burke. During the Season 15 premiere, Braunwyn revealed that she is an alcoholic. It was a shock for RHOC viewers.

She is also redefining her relationship with her husband, Sean Burke. The couple has shared that they had threesomes with other women in the past.

Their “modern marriage” includes Sean moving out of their home. Braunwyn also found someone “special” to share her life with. From what Braunwyn has said, it appears that she is talking about another woman. The couple, who share seven children, has no plans to divorce.

RHOC star Gina finalized her painful divorce from her husband Matt Kirschenheiter. In June 2019, Matt was arrested for domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted Gina.

But Gina got her groove back with her “nerdy/sexy” boyfriend, Travis Mullen. In fact, Gina and Travis moved into a three-bedroom condo after dating for six months. Between them, the duo has six kids. Braunwyn had some thoughts about Gina’s living situation. “Maybe we just need to take a step back and focus on ourselves and our kids for a hot second. It was a lot,” Braunwyn stated. And some of Gina’s RHOC co-stars were pitying the size of her condo.


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Gina had a bone to pick with Braunwyn. Last year, after a cast party, Sean called an Uber for a drunken Gina. Then Sean sent Gina a text to make sure that she got home safely. The message included a “winky face” emoji, and Gina was creeped out by the message.

Braunwyn clapped back at Gina’s claims. “I felt very upset that she took a nice gesture and made it into something else,” Braunwyn stated.

When Gina and Braunwyn met up at Shannon Beador’s housewarming party, the duo argued over the text message. Braunwyn screamed at Gina that she is now sober and threw a glass in the pool.  All the guests were horrified by the unbroken glass.


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Braunwyn and Gina later attended an AA meeting together, and Gina sought to be a support system for Braunwyn. Gina even abstained from alcohol during Braunwyn and Sean’s crazy vow renewal.

Now the fragile truce between Gina and Braunwyn appears to be kaput. US Weekly reported that Gina shared her thoughts about Braunwyn’s future on the franchise during an interview with Access Hollywood.

“I think that Braunwyn is still going through really a lot with this sobriety and emotionally and her figuring out her marriage and her sexual confusion and stuff like that,” Gina said. Braunwyn is trying to cope with a ton right now.


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Gina continued, “These are major things to go through and I just don’t know if this is the right venue to go through those things in. It puts us in a really kind of scary situation, I feel like.”

I’m not sure why Braunwyn’s personal issues are “scary” for her RHOC co-stars.  “It’s hard for us to navigate too as a group, but then again I know that’s interesting,” Gina added.


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