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Robyn Dixon Responds To Real Housewives Fan Who Said “I Hope You Die In A Fire”

Of course, the Reality Tea team understands being very invested in reality TV content. We enthusiastically cover reality TV shows and the stars’ off-camera activities. However, there’s a difference between being very invested and going too far.

There is NEVER a reason to wish death on a reality TV star, yet it happens so often from faceless, anonymous social media users. This is not at-all-acceptable and Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon is tired of the hatred.

Robyn shared a screenshot of a direct message she received from a “fan.” This man said, “I hope you die in a fire.” Robyn captioned the screenshot with “People can be so disgusting, all because of a TV show.” Sad, but true. 

Queens of Bravo shared a screenshot which included a screenshot of an IG user telling Robyn “It’s not even that! Y’all backup up Candace so hard even though she starts a lot of shit! Monique shouldn’t be isolated because of her mistake!!” Robyn clapped back with, “So I need to die in a fire because of this? My kids need to be without their mom because I didn’t approve of the actions of a woman on a TV show? Make that make sense.” It makes zero sense.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider commented, “Girl, ain’t that the truth!!!!” Robyn replied, “Right! It’s so disappointing and sad. Hugs to you.”


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Candiace Dillard wrote, “Smh. Not okay. This man’s hatred ain’t even your business. Let him sit in this [hatred] by his lonesome.” Robyn’s fellow Green Eyed Bandit Gizelle Bryant said, “Horrible! Block! Delete!”

A fan told Robyn, “We love you. Just focus your energy on getting more hats out!! I am trying to get one!” Robyn responded, “I’m working on it!”

One viewer commented, “Sis. That’s awful. Point him out. We’re from Baltimore. We’ll pull him from his house and beat his ass- respectfully.” Ummm, no. Isn’t that the whole crux of the season, that getting physical is not acceptable? Nevertheless, Robyn replied, “Thank you. He definitely picked the wrong one.”


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Robyn told another fan, “I’ve been dealing with horrible messages like this since the fight [between Candiace and Monique Samuels] aired. People shifting blame to others and mad because I disapproved.” A different viewer wrote, “Ughhh girl I can’t imagine what you must get from weirdos on the daily. This guy is disgusting.” Robyn shared, “Sadly, this is the tip of the iceberg.”


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