Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Karen Huger has truly held her own throughout this season of Real Housewives of PotomacGizelle Bryant has been coming for Karen and stoking the flames in her direction. Of course that means tag-along Robyn Dixon has too.  Just the same as every other season. These two need real story lines. They’re both going for the “back with my ex-” arc. Please. It’s been done.

Karen certainly knows she can get on her cast mates nerves. She has had it out for Wendy Osefo since she’s been on the scene. Either way, it came as no surprise to Karen that the wives questioned her arrival to the finale party in our final episode of Season 5.

The women were questioning whether Karen’s lateness to Robyn’s party was legit or not. Well, unlike Robyn doing her taxes, Karen brought her receipts. She posted a video to Instagram where she documented her delayed flight on the day of the party. She took the video from the airport and said, “Pray for us guys, we are stuck in the airport here in Tampa, Florida. We have been here all morning long.”

Need more evidence? In the over 2-minute video Karen also said, “I’m telling you, it’s Friday the 13th.” She then explained that she had received a new ticket for a connecting flight the Charlotte, though that ticket didn’t even have a designated seat. She held her new ticket up as a prop. Well, now it’s evidence. 

Karen also shared in her post, “This is not a very good feeling….and I have parties to attend!” 


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The caption for the video read, “Receipts are everything! When they question your integrity, the truth will set you free…robyndixon10 I made sure I was there to support you even though I was traveling…”

Fans questioned Karen in the comments. One asked “So you recorded yourself to have a receipt?!?!?! Sound fishy to me but okay.” Karen quipped back saying, “I know what I’m working with.” Tell ’em.

Needless to say, the reunion episodes are about to be pure fire. We know Karen bringing the receipts isn’t the only one .


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