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Shannon Beador And Her Lung Issues Are SLAMMED By Fans After Mexico Trip During Coronavirus Pandemic

 It seems Shannon Beador has been spending too much time with Cadet-COVID-Kelly [Dodd]. (Yes I’m bringing the Disney Channel jokes for these Real Housewives of Orange County children). Despite her per-usual constant sobbing in the early pandemic episodes this season, it seems Shannon can no longer be bothered to give a fuck. Strange because she and her family all already had the virus. You’d think she remembers the fear and strain she and hers felt.

Oh well! She’s healthy now! Fuck everyone else, their emotions, their health, and their families! Go off! Rub in the fact that you were careless early and now get to breezily globe trot while everyone else who did the right thing continues to keep it tight and right!

Shannon decided to get her “just gonna have a nacho” straight from the source for the holidays. She took her whole family to Mexico and posted it on Instagram proudly. That’s how dense she is. Her caption said, “Christmas dinner in Cabo with my girls and best friend since 6th grade and her children! Haven’t been away with all 3 of my girls for a few years now.” SO WHAT’S THE RUSH!?

The caption ended with a pathetic disclaimer, “Enjoying it all and we are being safe to follow all COVID protocol. Merry Christmas to all!!!” Uh, no one cares. Pretty sure trips to Cabo are completely non-essential. Know what else is? Posting this load of tripe. People are suffering, alone, and social distancing to stay safe. And here you are glamorizing your Christmas with friends in Cabo as if anyone gives a shit? I get social media is for over-sharing, but yikes.


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Shannon’s followers were rightfully unimpressed with the nebulizing narcissist. One said “Um, no you’re not [following protocol]. Were you all holding your breath during this photo?” Another called the group “The COvid Christmas Cabo Crew.”

Others were much more deliberate with their comments citing the audacity to travel and boast during the current flare in cases. One follower said, “Insane that you are vacationing during the most critical point of the pandemic in the US after watching you on the last episode.” Another added, “And meanwhile back in California we have zero ICU beds & our medical professionals begging people not to travel. But yay, margaritas.” But remember, Shannon already exploited those resources, so she can’t be bothered to care about them now. This is the same woman who decided to befriend cancer-scam Vicki Gunvalson to stay on screen.


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Fans didn’t stop using basic logic, though. Yet another questioned, “How are you following covid protocol when part of said protocol is not to travel. You are not that bright, considering you and your girls already had covid.”

The moment to directly point out the hypocrisy of Shannon wasn’t missed either. One person said, “You were just on housewives crying about being COVID 19 positive due to your daughters being unsafe and you have lung condition now you turn around and defy CA stay at home orders and go to Mexico wow now you wonder why this pandemic won’t stop… you are now being unsafe”


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Another viewer who is actually a fan of silver-spoon Beador wrote, “Shannon I am a fan. You can make decisions about travel and socializing, but it wasn’t the smartest to post this picture, especially when people have been watching you on RHOC crying and being pissed at your children for not being responsible. This post seems a little hypocritical. Still a fan, but think before you post.”

And finally, even our healthcare heroes weighed in. One comment read, “As a nurse dealing with Covid patients, and as a person who had the decency to not have any gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet still missing my family….I have to unfollow.”


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At best, I’m sure the final-Amiga will have nothing but smug contrition on deck. At worst, she’ll just wave her mitten hands around briskly while speaking in staccato about her unrelated and uninteresting phobias/anxieties/anything she can to deflect and be the pathetic victim of her own making…again.


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