Real Housewives of Orange County Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Regrets Hitting Her Husband Sean Burke, But She’s Upset Over Being “Constantly Judged And Criticized”

Love her or loathe her, in Braunwyn Windham-Burke has been carrying Real Housewives of Orange County on her back this season.

At this point, all roads lead back to Braunwyn. From her struggles with alcoholism to her falling out with every single one of her co-stars, she’s really giving us all a lot to talk about. Unfortunately, one hot topic of conversation was Braunwyn’s confession that she hit her husband Sean Burke twice, in front of their kids.

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen said, “Braunwyn, you got a lot of negative energy for saying that you slapped Sean a couple times. Anything you want to say about that?”

After a long “ummmmm,” Braunwyn said, “getting sober [is] really hard.  When I did the show this season, I promised I would show the full story and it was ugly. And Sean was the only thing that stood between me, and you know, a bottle of alcohol.”

Braunwyn said, “And, I regret it. We’re in therapy. I made amends to him and I’m living amends every day. But, was it pretty? No.”


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The Orange County Housewife admitted, “That was the lowest of our relationship. But, he is an amazing man and he doesn’t judge me on my worst days, you know. He understood what I was going through. And he’s grateful that he kept me sober. Those were some really awful days.”

Then, Braunwyn contradicted herself yet again. Then Braunwyn said, “I don’t recommend getting sober on a reality show. It’s not a good choice. It kept me sober and I’ve helped a lot of people with my honesty. So, I wish people would just take a minute and judge less.” Girl, this is a reality TV show. If people weren’t judging, that would only be because they’re not watching. Judgment is the name of the game.


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Even Andy called her out, saying, “You say you don’t recommend it, but you said on the reunion that it kept you sober and that you were glad you did it.”

And, of course, Braunwyn backpedaled a bit. She said, “It worked for me. It worked for me 100%. It kept me accountable, but you do get a lot of backlash.”

Braunwyn explained, “The first 90 days especially are… you’re not yourself. Your brain chemistry is changing. And to be constantly judged and criticized over that is hard.”

Then, she gave herself a pat on the back, remarking, “Luckily, I have a thick skin so I could do it. So, it worked for me. I’m almost a year sober. Being accountable to everyone has really been a blessing, but there’s a back side.”


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Braunwyn said, “Thank goodness I have a very thick skin and I’ve learned a lot this year and I’m really grateful I can pay a lot of it forward.” Very thick skin? Or a constant need for attention?


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