Kameron Westcott Says Tiffany Moon Talked Down To Her Throughout The Season On Real Housewives Of Dallas

By all accounts, Tiffany Moon of Real Housewives of Dallas is having a smashing start to her first season. The doctor and super-rich housewife has already tackled racism with costar, Brandi Redmond. She then went on to call out Kary Brittingham as a bully for trying to force her to do tequila shots. All while hosting a traditional Chinese lunch and getting the ladies to try chicken feet.

Yep, Tiffany is really working all her angles. And I would love to see more of her closet, no matter what Stephanie Hollman thinks. But busting out of the gates in your first season is sure to win you some enemies amongst the cast. And it sounds like not everyone is feeling Tiffany.

Kameron Westcott has taken aim at Tiffany, telling Digital Spy that Tiffany talked down to her throughout the course of the season. According to Kam, things started out ok but quickly went south. She explained, “I got to know her before the show and I was just like right on board. I was so excited. We talked about how we’re both pink-lovers and there’s a lot of things in common.” Kam admitted, “I was head over heels for her.”

Apparently that didn’t last. Kameron continued, “She got a little testy with me throughout the season. She got a little bossy, [there was] a problem of talking down to me. I was like, ‘Girl. I’m your friend.’ I don’t understand how she feels, but I was kinda taken back by a few things throughout the season with her.” Kam already mentioned she thought Tiffany was bossy about eating chicken feet, which Kam refused to do, so this is no real surprise. But it didn’t seem like a big deal.


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As the season went on, sounds like things got more and more heated. Kam concluded of their friendship, “I’m a little bit more sceptical now in my relationship with her.”

Kam has a history of thinking people speak down to her. And new housewives often experience a hazing period, where they aren’t accepted by their new castmates. They can often be misunderstood, trying to find their footing on the show. So given all of the above, I would like to think this is just a big ole misunderstanding. Either way, I can’t wait to see how their relationship unfolds given their personalities.

Kam might think Tiffany is speaking down to her but Tiffany is speaking my housewives love language. Can’t wait to see more of her.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]