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Tiffany Moon Accuses Kary Brittingham Of Bullying And Hazing; Kary Calls Tiffany A “Snake”

For anyone who was wondering about how Real Housewives of Dallas would fare without LeeAnne Locken stirring up drama, well, there’s no need to worry now that Tiffany Moon is here. After the most recent episode, she continued to argue with Kary Brittingham, Stephanie Hollman, and Kameron Westcott on social media.

During the second episode of the season, Tiffany said that Kary was way too pushy with the tequila shots. As a result, Tiffany felt like she was hazed and bullied. Well, a week later, some of the ladies thought Tiffany was way too pushy trying to get them to eat chicken feet at her brunch. Tiffany was just trying to introduce her culture to the Dallas ladies, but some of them didn’t love her approach.

Well, that didn’t seem like the biggest deal in the world: not eating an appetizer at brunch, but things really spiraled on Twitter. Tiffany called out Kary for bullying D’Andra Simmons at brunch. For some reason Kary got off on making fun of D’Andra for getting a coronavirus test. Since when is it OK to make fun of someone who’s trying to be safe and careful? Tiffany tweeted, “So you talking to @dandrasimmons like that isn’t bullying? Bye girl. BYE.”

Tiffany followed up with “See y’all got me all heated and forgot to @ her. So @karybrittingham what’s good?” I love how she’s ready to throw down. This is not the boring season I truthfully expected.

Kary clapped back “You are so brave behind a phone! You never said anything directly to me when we were filming! NEVER.” Tiffany came back with a numbered list, tweeting, “I specifically remember asking you to not give me shots. 2. But you’re right I never asked you to not push me into a swimming pool. 3. I’ll be sure to be more clear in the future.”

Kary tweeted, “Wow you asked me to help you have fun to then use it and call me a Bully @TiffanyMoonMD you are such a snake.” Tiffany replied, “I asked you to help me have fun, not to haze me to drink. Tequila isn’t the answer for everyone. We both know I asked you to quit giving me shots. #reaching.” Apparently, Kary couldn’t come up with a clever reply, writing, “Ok #whatever.”

Kary told Tiffany, ” I rather someone bully me to take a shot than force me to eat a chicken foot with nails.” Tiffany replied, “I guess we will have to agree to disagree.” So maybe that was the end of that? Will they be civil from here on out? Nope, not a chance.


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On Watch What Happens Live, Kameron called Tiffany “bossy,” which bothered Tiffany and prompted another dig from Kary.  Tiffany tweeted, “Yes sometimes I am ‘bossy’ although I would prefer not to use this terminology- “@sherylsandberg said it best- I won’t repeat her words but pls read her article.#sometimesyouhavetobeaboss.” Kary asked Tiffany, “But is ok to call someone a bully?? WOW.”

Tiffany told Kary, “I would much rather be called bossy than a bully. No shade just the truth.”

Tiffany acknowledged, “They really came for me tonight huh? well…..I know this won’t be the last time either. Sad but not surprised.” Well, she came prepared to clap back. Hard.

Hours later, Kary used this as an opportunity to promote a hideous snake necklace that she’s selling, telling Tiffany, “this would look great on you Diamond Snake Necklace – Kamo by Kary Brittingham.” This wouldn’t look great on anyone, to be honest.


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Instead of buying that tacky necklace, Tiffany shared a screenshot of her donation to the SPCA, tweeting, “Thank you for the suggestion but ummmm, it’s not really my style. In honor of my favorite Serpentine RHOD member though, I’ve donated the cost of that to the SPCA, so hopefully some animals can benefit. Have a wonderful rest of your day #wouldntbecaughtdeadwiththaton.” Mic drop.

I’m gonna give this one to Tiffany. She (or her social media intern) eviscerated Kary with these tweets.


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