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Shannon Beador Claims That Braunwyn Windham-Burke Lied About Everything So She Would Be Cast On Real Housewives Of Orange County

Season 15 of Real Housewives of Orange County centered, for better or worse, around Braunwyn Windham-Burke. She admitted that she is an alcoholic. Braunwyn told RHOC viewers that she had physically hit her husband, Sean Burke, in front of their children. Sean, of course, stood up for his wife.

In December, Braunwyn announced that she is a lesbian. She started dating her girlfriend, Kris, but has no plans to divorce Sean. Braunwyn said, “I think, for me, the most important thing is when I’m with Sean, I’m with Sean. When I’m with Kris, I’m with Kris. … [I] give them a hundred percent of me when I’m with them.” Does Braunwyn have any time in her jam-packed schedule for her seven kids?

RHOC co-star Shannon Beador’s story line this season featured her relationship with her new man, John Janssen. In July, Shannon and her three daughters were all diagnosed with coronavirus. It was really scary.

You know what else is scary? Some startling RHOC reunion scoop trickled out, and I am shook.  Braunwyn allegedly offered Shannon’s daughter Stella Beador, who was 14 at the time, cocaine and her dealer’s number.  Stella is now 16 years old. I am shocked, and if this is true, it is terrible and unacceptable.

So, what is Braunwyn saying about the alleged incident? A screenshot, shared by the Instagram account Bravo Superfans, showed Braunwyn responding to a fan’s comment. A user wrote, “Please tell me Shannon is full of it about drugs and her child.” Braunwyn replied, “I honestly have no idea. I was drinking at the time.” She added, “I’ve heard from her what happened and made amends.” Seriously?


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When Shannon appeared on Daily Blast Live, she spilled some more hot tea about Braunwyn. The host listed all of Braunwyn’s recent life changes. Then she asked Shannon, “Now a lot of people are calling her actions disingenuous. How do you feel about it?”

Shannon remarked, “I mean, I think that all of it is …is accurate, you know based on what I’ve known. And like I say, I spent a lot of time off camera…John and I spent a lot of time with she and Sean off camera. So, I do think that sobriety is a good choice for her,” the RHOC star added. But Shannon had some suspicions about the timing of all of Braunwyn’s drama.  “A lot of it…you look at the timing, you know and sometimes it just seems like the timing is just a little too premeditated.”


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But Shannon wasn’t done slamming Braunwyn. “I don’t know if I can say this but, because we talk about it at the reunion, but last…after last season, Braunwyn told many of the cast members that her first season…like all the stuff about her wasn’t true,” Shannon revealed. “She did it just to get on the show. She wasn’t an author, that love shack thing was just a bunch of BS. And we’re like ‘What? Then who are you?’ because that’s who everyone thought that you were.” Wow…just wow.

Shannon added, “So that’s why, knowing that, and having her say that to us, and then having all these things happen when you know we are filming, and all this stuff is going on, you know you start to think.”


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