Shannon Beador Real Housewives Of Orange County Reunion Part 1

Shannon Beador Wants To Marry Boyfriend John Janssen; Says “I Want To Take My Time”

Real Housewives of Orange County viewers were witness to many seasons of Shannon Beador’s marital woes with now ex-husband, David Beador. In October of 2015, the couple discussed his cheating in an interview with Bravo host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Awkward!

Their divorce was even messier than the toxic marriage. The exes finally reached a divorce settlement in April of 2019. Shannon recently revealed that co-parenting with David isn’t going smoothly. Shocker! “He has no interest in co-parenting with me, which is sad,” the RHOC star said.

Of course, David is busy preparing to welcome a baby girl with new wife Lesley Cook. That’s right–US Weekly reported that the duo tied the knot on October 15. Best of luck, Lesley.

Shannon found love with businessman John Janssen. RHOC fans met John on the Season 15 premiere. The couple were introduced by friends last summer and their relationship blossomed through the magic of karaoke. That is actually really sweet.


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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shannon discussed her decision to have John appear on RHOC. Shannon explained, “I’ve been so transparent — sometimes to a fault — on the show, so I can’t be in a relationship and not talk about it or show it. I think that John was nervous, because he’s a pretty private person,” the mom of three said.

“So, to be put out there, I thought he was very natural when we filmed. But then he would say, ‘I’m sweating. I’m sweating, nervous,’ but it’ll be interesting to see.” I thought that John and Shannon and their brood of kids seemed relaxed and happy. Cue the silly string fight!


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When Season 15 started filming, the couple weren’t living together. But that changed when California went into lockdown because of the coronavirus.

Shannon shared, “I was very fortunate to meet John and it’ll be interesting to watch our relationship this season, too, because even though you … see someone seven days a week, [with] quarantine, you’re together 24/7. So, it put an interesting dynamic into the relationship.”


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“I think I knew most things about him but it’s just, when you’re together all the time — typically people can go and have their independent space and that sort of thing, so it was an adjustment,” the RHOC star said.

Shannon added, “But I’m sure it was for everybody, right? I mean, we wouldn’t be a normal couple if you didn’t have bumps, a few bumps.” I am interested to see how the Orange County Housewives handled quarantining.


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Shannon is definitely in love with her man, but she also isn’t rushing things. “I feel that with my age, I have one chance. I want to be married and be part of a team and in a partnership for the rest of my life,” she stated.

“I want to grow old with someone, but I need to know that it’s the right decision. So, I don’t wanna jump into anything. I want to take my time and that’s what we’ve been doing,” Shannon remarked. That is refreshing.


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“You know, I think it would just be devastating for me emotionally to quickly get married and then realize, nope. This isn’t it,” the 56-year-old reality star said. “And then go through all that again. I don’t wanna do that.”


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