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Kelly Dodd Says She Is Now Aware Of “Multiple Horrific Meanings” Of A Certain Hand Gesture Following White Supremacist Accusations; “It Was Clear” Friend Of Emily Simpson Was Using It “To Express She Was Having Fun”

Another day, another Kelly Dodd tweet storm with misinformation and good intentions. Kelly has been a major force behind a lot of the story on Real Housewives of Orange County for five seasons. She came in with a bang of low-based b*llsh*t and, well, never left. Do I blame her for the consistent downward trajectory of RHOC? Her and Vicki Gunvalson, yes. You don’t fire Heather Dubrow and put Kelly at the center of a show, but THAT’S MY OPINION (and Tamra’s Judge’s).

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great Kelly moments. Like when she accurately described Shane Simpson as a wimp. But other than that, Kelly has really made a name for herself by going below the belt and being generally misinformed about social issues and deadly viruses. This isn’t to say Kelly has bad intentions. I think buried under her tough exterior is a heart that really tries to be in the right place. Take for instance her latest tweet storm.

Last week, a story went up on Instagram showing Kelly celebrating Emily Simpson’s birthday, with Gina Kirschenheiter and other friends, acting like COVID isn’t a thing. Someone reposted it to twitter, alleging that one of the women in the video threw up the sign for white power.

Now, the white power symbol, for who knows how long, was always known as the “ok” or “perfect” hand gesture. Only in 2019 has this hand signal been re-classified as a symbol for white supremacy. This means, a lot of people don’t know that a simple “ok” sign now has totally awful meanings. Kelly included. I myself only found out when this picture trended on twitter a couple years ago.


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Kelly has now defended herself on Instagram and on Twitter, where she passionately defended Emily, saying, “I went to Emily’s Bday party & am shocked by a claim one of her friends is a white supremacist. I’m part Mexican, Native American, Black & Asian & her other friend is African American… I condemn all forms of racism!” I just think Kelly doesn’t get racism. Saying you hang out with people of color doesn’t erase you from being a racist. Being Mexican, Asian, Native American, whatever ethnicity doesn’t magically mean you are free from having racist perceptions of other people. Her heart is in the right place. Her head is just filled with weird logic.

Kelly shared more tweets defending Emily and decrying the use of the symbol as a gesture of white power. She also doubled down saying, “I know a white supremacist wasn’t casually sitting at Emily’s birthday dinner with a table of minorities and flippantly throwing up terroristic gestures on vid.” She continued, tweeting, “posting stupid untrue shit like this is not only libelous but it desensitizes actual racism going on.”


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Kelly then did her own version of research on the symbol, sharing in a tweet that the hand gesture, “literally shows up when you type perfect or a ok.” People continued to come at her about the emoji and Kelly replied, “Idk why don’t you ask Apple?” Scholars would actually tell you that Apple has no idea about intended or unintended meanings of emojis. But, I digress.

As this Twitter storm continued, Kelly must have done some googling and admitted, “I’m (now) aware that gesture has multiple horrific meanings, but it was clear her intention wasn’t that of white supremacy but rather to express she was having fun.” There! Kelly did acknowledge she didn’t know something. That in itself is step-one to becoming more informed.


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Kelly was defending someone she doesn’t know, which shows heart, but maybe she should stick to defending herself.


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