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Who’s The Ex-MLB Player That Madison LeCroy Allegedly Hooked Up With? Was It Alex Rodriguez?

That Southern Charm Season 7 reunion was better than every single episode from the entire season. Craig Conover came out swinging, accusing Madison LeCroy of cheating on Austen Kroll with married men and ex-MLB players, a story that Austen backed up as well.

For some reason (probably a legal issue), they bleeped out the name of one of the guys in question, but it sounded like a 2-syllable name to me. Andy Cohen remarked that the former MLB player they were talking about  was “very famous” and “married.” Craig also mentioned that the guy lived in Miami. Sure, Miami is a great place for many former pro athletes to retire, so that clue doesn’t exactly narrow things down. However, the internet sleuths came through with some receipts and allegations.

The Instagram account Best of Bravo shared a screenshot of Alex Rodriguez liking one of Madison’s Instagram posts.  Yes, A-Rod isn’t married, but he’s Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé, who is somehow always behind-the-scenes filming her dance rehearsals and overcompensating talking effusively about how much they’re in love.

The Instagram account bravoandcocktails has not one, but two, highlights reels investigating the allegations against Madison. On the reunion, Madison denied flying to Miami, EMPHATICALLY, but no one mentioned flying to New York. In December 2020, Madison shared a photo in bed from the Refinery Hotel in New York. At that time, A-Rod shared a selfie in front of (what appeared to be) the Refinery Hotel. Yesterday, that Instagram post disappeared from his feed. What. A. Coincidence. Shady stuff, A-Rod.

Update: He deleted the post from Instagram, but forgot to delete the evidence from Twitter and Facebook. It’s about to disappear in 3… 2…. 1….

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The account also shared a bunch of anonymous messages from people claiming that she was definitely with A-Rod, which we don’t have any way of independently verifying. Some of those people even claimed that JLo and A-Rod were in an “open relationship.”  Baseball player Andruw (yes, it’s spelled that way) Jones also “liked” and commented on a bunch of photos from Madison as well, which could just mean nothing.

Also, adding to the intrigue is the fact that the Charleston Riverdogs are a Yankees Minor League team. Both Andruw and A-Rod had been to Charleston to support this team.


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Remember when Patricia Altschul told Madison she deserves “Budweiser money” instead of the revenue from Austen’s beer brand TropHop. Well, in January 2020, A-Rod inked a deal with Anheuser-Busch, which is the parent company that owns Budweiser, per Forbes.

Please go to the bravoandcocktails to check out all of the alleged tea on this situation. I just need Andy, Craig, Austen, or just a production assistant from that reunion set to tell us what name they bleeped out. A-Rod is two syllables, you guys, which is far from being actual evidence, but those social media receipts (which he has suspiciously deleted are pretty interesting).


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]