Kelly Dodd Says She’s Not Fired From Real Housewives; Season 16 Contracts Didn’t Go Out Yet

Kelly Dodd has had quite the year, and not for the best. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum has found herself in hot water time and time again. Both on the show and on social media. Even getting married was a hot topic since it was during a global pandemic. She’s made controversial comments on the coronavirus. She’s also doubling down on her choice to wear a “Drunk Wives Matter Hat.” So it’s not a surprise that Kelly has become a number one target for fans to be mad at.

In response, Kelly has lashed out time and time again. She even defending the hat fiasco by claiming on the reunion that she’s Black. Yep, Kelly got a 23 and Me and apparently being 2% Black means you can speak for the Black community. And wear an offensive hat. Big eye rolls on that one. No doubt that Kelly is in a horrible position and it’s one she put herself in.

But maybe Kelly has finally seen the writing on the wall. She recently admitted “it’s likely” she would get fired from the show. Or maybe not. Kelly recently took to Twitter to try and clear the air on where she stands for next season. In the short but sweet tweet, Kelly said, “No I am not fired !!! Contacts haven’t come out yet ! Vicki [Gunvalson] stop being a hater ..”

Looks like Kelly might have been responding to some recent comments Vicki made. Vicki told Champion Daily, “Kelly is a living nightmare who continues to make reckless comments with no regard for the impact her words may have. While I continue to be surprised Bravo would continue to endorse her behavior- especially given all of the fan pushback on social media regarding the horrendous things she’s said- time will tell if she will remain on the show or not.” No surprise that pissed Kelly off to no end.


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Some Twitter fans were quick to comment. And they didn’t really seem to believe Kelly. One user reminded her, “You yourself said it was likely.” Another one claimed, “Tamra [Judge] also said it.” Another user pointed out that others on the franchise have already claimed they are coming back. Said the fan, “How does Elizabeth [Lyn Vargas] know she’s coming back?”

But Kelly did have a few defenders. One fan wrote,”I hope not, you’re entertaining.” Yet another went even further in defense of Kelly and said, “Somebody is a bit jealous I think….wouldn’t be the RHOC without you Kelly xxx.”


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Whether your Team Kelly or not, I think the writing is on the wall for her. Andy Cohen didn’t seem thrilled with her at the reunion. Her behavior off camera has been reprehensible. And honestly, what did she bring to the table this season? It’s time for Bravo to finally show the fans that they won’t tolerate their housewives being completely unhinged off camera. It’s time to get rid of Kelly once and for all.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]